Local Spring Festival & Farm Tour Spotlights Solar Barn

Frog Song Organics, a grower of over eighty types of produce, recently went solar and will celebrate the renewable energy addition by holding the 2022 Spring Festival & Farm Tour at the solar barn on March 19, 2022.

Spring Festival

At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to pick organic strawberries, listen to live music, enjoy fresh food, explore the farm, learn about the newly installed solar-powered barn, and much more.

For over a decade, co-founders of Frog Song Organics, Amy Van Scoik, and John Bitter, have been first-generation farmers focused on organic, small-scale, sustainable growing practices. Their farm products are available by pickup and delivery or purchased at five different weekly Farmers Market locations in North Florida.

Both Scoik and Bitter attended the University of Florida College of Agriculture, where they dreamed of a sustainable farm that grew only the finest organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. And they also offer pasture-raised pork and eggs from free-range chickens.

“Adding solar energy into our farming mix is planned,” says Amy Van Scoik. She further explained how the electrical power produced by the solar barn recently ran the sugarcane press that makes the syrup they offer. She added that the ultimate goal is to operate as much farm equipment on solar energy as possible in the future, including a water well pump and a commercial kitchen.

The solar barn is also a community effort, says Scoik. Sixty-three customers donated to help defray the cost of adding solar to the barn. That is why the Spring Festival is so important, to thank those who contributed to going solar.

The solar PV array of 23.625 kW consists of 75 solar panels installed on the barn rooftop by PPM Solar of Gainesville, Florida. The PV system is financed by Frog Song Organics customer donations, community loans, and a Rural Energy for America Program (REAP Grant) Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency loan.

During the event, PPM Solar will have a professional staff member at the solar barn to answer any questions about the barn project or about going solar. Swing by the tent and say hi and enter to win the $100 gift certificate – redeemable at the farm for produce.

Located on Highway 301 (Sid Martin Hwy), between Orange Heights, Florida, and Hawthorne, Florida, Frog Song Organics farm is easy to find. Just pre-register, and the Spring Festival will begin at 2:30 PM on March 19, 2022, and ends at 7:30 PM. 

PPM Solar is the sponsor for the music at the event by two local artists Maggie Clifford and Madwoman.

Suggested items to bring are a picnic blanket, camping chairs, hat, closed-toed shoes, refillable water bottle or cup, a cooler for your purchases, and a reusable shopping bag.

For more about the Frog Song Spring Festival & Farm Tour and to secure tickets – visit the event registration page or Frog Song Organics website. 

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