Power Production Management Expands to South Carolina

Power Production Management, one of Florida’s top residential solar contractors, announced it is expanding its successful enterprise to South Carolina. Power Production Management (PPM) specializes in installing solar energy systems for both residential and commercial buildings.

“We’re excited to expand to South Carolina because we know we can provide better, cleaner electricity generation for South Carolina residents,” explained PPM director and co-founder, Jason Gonos. “We analyzed electric bills in the Palmetto State and were baffled by how much residents were paying. We’re determined to help them offset their monthly electric bill by installing the highest quality solar panels with an industry-leading 25-year guarantee.”


South Carolinians who have a solar system installed will have the ability to save money on their electric bill, raise their home value, and improve the way the world is powered. This allows residents to have control over their energy bills and lock in a lower utility rate.

“By improving and diversifying the energy portfolio, growing the renewable energy resource, South Carolina will not only benefit by generating more clean renewable energy, but by having an immediate positive economic impact from direct and indirect job creation—from solar installer to engineering and accounting jobs,” said Alex Khokhlov, PPM director and co-founder.


One of the biggest myths about solar panels is they’re too expensive. “When you do the math, you realize not only how affordable they are, but how many thousands of dollars you’re throwing down the drain,” explains Khokhlov. “You’re actually losing money by not going solar. That’s why we provide a free quote to anyone interested in having a solar system installed.”

In South Carolina, residents receive a 30% federal tax credit in addition to a 25% South Carolina tax credit. Duke Energy Progress (DEP) and Santee Cooper are also offering rebates, offsetting the cost of a solar system even more.


PPM is a certified solar contractor, headquartered in Gainesville, Florida. PPM is licensed in four states and is currently working on expanding throughout the region. Founded in 2009, PPM has consistently made the Top 500 Solar Contractor list since 2012. In January 2017, PPM was listed as one of the Top 20 Residential Solar Contractors in all of Florida, at No.12.

For more information or for a free quote, call PPM at 803-814-4786.

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