Power Production Management, Inc. 100% Loyal SunPower Customer

Power Production Management, Inc. (PPM) is now a 100% loyal Sunpower customer. SunPower is a global solar energy solutions company with a rich heritage of pioneering the best energy technologies in the world. PPM installs Sunpower PV panels for its customers and is an exclusive authorized dealer of these top-of-the-line solar panels. As a loyal customer and authorized dealer PPM is committed to excellence and has completed SunPower specialized training, achieved good customer satisfaction scores, and meet performance standards for design, quality, and service.

“Power Production Management understands that quality of service is directly paired with quality of products. That is why we use the highest grade products in the solar industry,” Michael Collins, the Sale Director at PPM.

PPM has decided to become a 100% loyal Sunpower customer to build awareness for the SunPower and PPM brand, to communicate the key messages that differentiate our offerings amongst competitors and to create loyalty with customers.

Spencer Killette, the Central U.S Regional Sales Manager of Solar Power said, “I’ve really been looking to increase SunPower’s presence in the Florida market and I think that partnering with the guys at Power Production Management makes all the sense in the world in support of that effort. Their customer experience and quality of work is second to none and they, like us, believe in coupling that kind of excellence with the best solar products in the world. That’s where SunPower comes in. This is an amazing evolution of an existing, positive relationship that I couldn’t be more excited about. Loyalty between the companies really benefits our collective customer base in the state of Florida.”

The loyalty programs serve a dual function: to incentivize new customers to stick around after purchasing their Sunpower PV panels, and to ensure that existing loyal customers still feel as if they are valued by Power Production Management, Inc.

“Power Production Management, Inc. is excited to be working with Sunpower at this 100% capacity to ensure that solar customers are making better decision about tomorrow and saving today.”

Together Power Production Management, Inc. and SunPower is changing the way our world is powered every day.

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