Power Production Management Throws Solar Party for Lucky Customers

At a trade show in Orlando, Florida, Power Production Management decided to give away a 70” TV to one lucky customer who bought a system from them. Every customer from the trade show that purchased a system was entered into a drawing to win the massive TV.

When Alex Khokhlov, one of the directors and co-founders of PPM, drew the lucky winners, Rich and Patti C., he knew he couldn’t simply ship them the TV. “That would be boring,” said Khokhlov, “so we threw them a party!”

When I first went to the trade show,” explained Rich C., “I didn’t have solar on my mind. Actually my wife went over and talked to the representatives of the company. She was convinced, and then we had an in-house visit.”

“Before we try to sell anyone a system, an in-house visit is conducted by a sales engineer to make sure that the house is feasible for solar and that it makes financial sense,” explained Khokhlov. “If it does make financial sense for a customer, we go ahead and move forward.”

“I kind of liked what I heard,” said Rich of the in-house visit. “All the questions I asked were answered professionally. Installers were fantastic—they were very courteous, very professional, workmanship was outstanding, and I felt good about it—even won a TV!”

“I don’t even know if they’re going to fit that TV in their house,” said Khokhlov, “but they’ll figure it out.”

Rich said they might have to “do an addition onto the house…with solar panels” to make room for the TV.

If you’re interested in going solar, give Power Production Management a call. “We’ll set up a free consultation in which we’ll explain how solar makes sense for you financially and helps protect the environment,” said Khokhlov.

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