PPM Staff Spotlight. Nina Albino. Residential Project Manager

Stop by the PPM Solar office in Gainesville if your day ever needs uplifting. There is a ray of sunshine that beams throughout the office that will brighten your day. Her name is Nina Albino. One meeting with her will exemplify why Nina is this month’s Staff Spotlight!

Having been inspired in high school by ecological sustainability, Nina became fascinated with eco-friendly practices and renewable energy, which led her to obtain her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sustainability Studies at the University of Florida. While attending UF, she participated in extracurricular activities with the March of Dimes Collegiate Council and Alachua Conservation Trust Internship programs. And she is especially proud to be the first generation college graduate in her family!

In 2019, Nina joined PPM Solar as an intern, performing various duties, and soon became the residential coordinator. “I love how the vibes blend into the local Gainesville community,” she says, adding that she looks forward to continued diversity and inclusion within the company.

Recently promoted to her new role as Residential Project Manager at PPM Solar, Nina strives to be a role model for other women. “Having a leadership role in a male-dominated field is rewarding, and I want to be an example of success,” she asserts. Nina feels that her new position managing residential solar installation projects is integral to her destiny, adding, “I know that at the end of the day, I’ve worked toward a future where we can breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and play on green grass.”

As the Residential Project Manager, Nina routinely interfaces with PPM engineering, warehouse, management, and operations departments to ensure the highest quality of customer service. “She truly is the face of our company,” says Alex Khokhlov, co-owner of PPM Solar. “Our customers can count on Nina to prioritize and manage their project for the best solar energy installation,” he added.

When Nina isn’t striving to be a stronger and better leader at PPM Solar, you may find her biking the Hawthorne Trail, thrifting, or hanging out at Disney World.

PPM Solar is a better place because of you, Nina. The entire team truly appreciates your professional and friendly approach to helping everyone. Congratulation on your new position, Residential Project Manager!

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