Tesla Powerwall 3 — More power at a lower cost

Tesla Powerwall 3 sets a new standard in home energy storage, offering the capability to power an entire household with a single unit, advanced safety, and streamlined expandability for future energy needs.
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A new era in home energy storage

Tesla Powerwall 3 is not just an upgrade—it’s a revolution in home battery storage. Powerwall 3 can fully back up 95% of homes with just one battery, providing reliable and comprehensive power during outages. With its integrated solar inverter, Powerwall 3 offers 20-30% more power than its predecessors, making it one of the most efficient energy storage systems available. Designed to be cost-effective and easy to install, this self-contained unit ensures whole-home backup with unmatched efficiency. Direct solar connections and energy usage optimization boost performance and maximize electricity bill savings. Install Tesla Powerwall 3 for your home in Gainesville or North Central Florida with the PPM Team.

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Why choose Tesla Powerwall 3 for your home battery storage?

Best performance

The Powerwall 3 delivers top-tier performance with a high-efficiency DC-coupled design, ideal to power appliances like hot tub, HVAC, or EV with a single battery.


Most durable

Engineered for resilience, it excels in challenging climates and offers a comprehensive labor warranty, ensuring reliability and a single point of repair.


Easiest to install

Powerwall 3 features straightforward backup installations and DC-coupled battery expansions with a unified app experience.


Best value

Powerwall 3 offers the best value with the lowest installed cost, superior payback economics, and maximum lifetime value, making it a smart financial decision.


Single point of repair

Both inverter and storage issues are addressed in one accessible location, eliminating the need for complex setups or risky trips to the roof to manage micro inverters.


Hurricane proof

Powerwall 3’s resilient design, with all power electronics positioned at the top, ensures it can continue operating even while submerged in water.


10 years of warranty

Powerwall 3 comes with a robust 10-year warranty that covers full replacement costs and labor reimbursement.


Residential energy storage with safer battery chemistry

Tesla Powerwall 3 has embraced a significant shift in battery technology by utilizing Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry, known for its enhanced safety and longevity. This advancement marks a notable departure from the traditional lithium-ion batteries commonly found in electric vehicles. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are particularly well-suited for residential use due to their inherently stable chemical structure, which substantially reduces the risk of thermal runaway—a common concern with cobalt-based lithium-ion batteries. Powerwall 3 is not only the most reliable solar battery backup but also the most secure on the market, ensuring your home’s energy efficiency and safety.

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Single power conversion for better home battery storage efficiency

Tesla Powerwall 3 features a single-step DC to AC conversion process, achieving 89% efficiency, compared to traditional systems with about 86% efficiency due to three power conversions. It handles up to 20kW DC of solar per unit, delivering 11.5kW AC to power homes and simultaneously charging at 5kW DC. Such efficiency allows it to maximize daily solar energy use, support larger systems, and avoid energy wastage, effectively adding 30 extra days of solar production annually. This design represents a significant upgrade from the Powerwall 2, enhancing both energy capture and overall system productivity. Tesla Powerwall 3 is the best option for achieving energy independence and meeting electric vehicle charging needs, making it an all-encompassing energy solution for modern homes, especially when paired with solar system


Effortlessly expandable solar battery storage

Tesla Powerwall 3 is the first house battery backup engineered for seamless scalability through its DC Expansion feature, making it simpler and more cost-effective to install systems with multiple units. Each expansion adds 13.5kWh of energy to the Powerwall 3 system without requiring additional expensive components, as these are already managed by the main unit which handles power conversion, site control, and solar coupling. This design significantly reduces the overall cost and complexity of system expansion. The flexibility to add expansions anytime allows homeowners to adapt their backup battery to meet changing needs, ensuring that growing energy demands are met efficiently and economically.

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Liz Stubbs
Liz Stubbs
The idea of a solar energy system, complemented by a solar battery storage, resonated with Liz’s desire for a cleaner, endurable power source.
Chris Wendler
Chris Wendler
Chris Wendler installed solar panels with battery storage not only to make his home energy efficient but also to benefit the environment.
James Carr
James Carr
The completion of phase one, the rooftop portion of James’ solar project, has already had a significant impact, slashing his monthly electric bills to $400.

Energy efficiency with solar battery backup in a post-Net Metering era

With GRU ending net metering for new users, the Tesla Powerwall 3 offers a reliable backup alternative, enabling homeowners to store and use their energy from solar panels on demand. Solar battery storage system helps offset the lack of net metering by maximizing the use of solar power when needed, ensuring energy efficiency and cost savings even without traditional net metering benefits. Additionally, the Powerwall 3’s single-step DC to AC conversion maximizes energy use, and its expandable design means it can grow with your energy needs, making it an ideal choice for managing home energy independently.


How much does Tesla Powerwall 3 cost?

Tesla Powerwall 3 offers a remarkable improvement in cost-effectiveness and efficiency compared to its predecessors. Available for under $20,000 when purchased through PPM Solar, it’s an accessible entry point into renewable energy. Additionally, PPM Solar provides easy and affordable financing options, making it even more attainable for homeowners. When coupled with solar panels, the Powerwall 3 not only ensures energy independence but also delivers an attractive return on investment by maximizing solar utilization and reducing reliance on the grid. Please contact the PPM Solar team for a precise quote and calculated solar battery storage price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Tesla Powerwall 3 different from previous models?

The Powerwall 3 features an integrated solar inverter, offers 20-30% more power, and enhances efficiency with a single unit capable of powering an entire home. Its advanced energy monitoring technology optimizes usage for maximum savings.

Can the Tesla Powerwall 3 power my home during a power outage?

Yes, the Powerwall 3 is the battery back up for home, designed to provide uninterrupted power supply during outages. It automatically kicks in the moment an outage is detected, ensuring your home’s energy supply remains stable and continuous.

How many Tesla Powerwall 3 units do I need to power my home?

Most homes will only need one Tesla Powerwall 3 unit to cover their energy needs. Each unit has a 13.5 kWh energy capacity and can deliver 11.5 kW of continuous power, sufficient for an average household. Please contact the PPM Solar team for a precisely calculated quote tailored to your home energy needs.

What are the installation requirements for the Tesla Powerwall 3?

Installation of the Powerwall 3 requires a compatible setup with your home’s existing electrical system and adequate space for mounting. The unit measures 43.25 in x 24 in x 7.6 in and weighs 287 lbs. It’s designed for easy integration and resilience against weather conditions.

How can I purchase and install a Tesla Powerwall 3 through PPM Solar?

To purchase and schedule installation of a Tesla Powerwall 3, contact PPM Solar directly through our form. We offer Tesla Powerwall 3 installation services and can help you understand the best configuration for your home energy needs, including any available incentives or financing options.

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