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PPM Solar team is passionate about solar and is on your side from the first phone call and for years to come!

Founded in 2009 by owners Alex and Jason, PPM Solar is one of the most respected solar development firms in the Southeastern United States.


We have been focusing solely on solar system installations and solar storage for 15 years. We do not push other services and have not come out from the solar thermal industry. PPM Solar is a licensed Solar and Electrical Contractor, allowing us to perform 100% of the scope of the solar services. 

Our team will guide you through the entire process, including design, engineering, permitting, high-quality installation, interconnection, commissioning, and beyond.


Alex Khokhlov
Operations Manager
Rachel Crews, Customer Service
Projects Coordinator
KJ Nissen
Project Manager
Customer Advocate
Human Resources Manager
Beth Bell
Finance and Bookkeeping
Digital Marketing Manager
Crew Leader
Crew Leader
Sales Consultant
Warehouse Manager
Local Marketing Manager
Thomas Powers
Senior Installer
Service Specialist
Jonathan Handley
Installation Specialist
Cameron Dopp
Design Engineer
Installation Specialist
Rex Khokhlov
Emotional Support Specialist

What sets us apart?

High-quality installation by our in-house crew!

We don’t delegate the installation process to third-party contractors. We ensure that there are no installation defects and your system is installed per our quality standards and has the highest possible productivity.


You are dealing directly with a local contractor!

There is no sales & marketing company or a 3rd party to deal with! Solar firms often hire independent sales companies with little to no solar knowledge. This can lead to a convoluted (or even illegal) sales process, high-pressure sales, predatory financing, and costly change orders and repairs to bring the project up to code and industry standards. Solar firms often hire independent sales companies with little to no solar knowledge. This can lead to costly change orders due to miscommunication or ignorance of potential customers.


PPM Solar installs only high-quality solar equipment.

Only reliable, reputable equipment and the latest, future-proof technology are allowed on your project. Every bolt, nut, inverter, solar panel, and mounting structure is carefully selected to last and perform for 25 years. Using only superior materials can help your investment deliver the returns you expect, year after year. We are striving for installations that are perfect in both aesthetics and performance!



“We’ve worked very hard since 2009 to build an honest and reputable company and express deep gratitude for those who have trusted us with over 1000 of their projects.”

Alex Khokhlov

“I am excited about solar power because I believe that it is making a huge and positive difference in the way we power our lives. We appreciate our clients who share this vision and are making a clean energy future a reality for everyone.”

Jason Gonos

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