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Experienced residential solar power company in Florida

PPM Solar has served Florida with a Solar and Electrical License for over a decade.

As your friendly local solar installer, we pride ourselves on our high-quality installations and our personable and reliable customer service.

PPM Solar is one of the most reviewed solar companies in the country. With a 15-year track record of dedication to customer satisfaction and over 800 projects performed, our work speaks for itself.


The benefits of Residential Solar in Florida

Protect the planet with clean, renewable energy

The growing popularity of green energy has seen more people switching from conventional to solar power. This drastically reduces their carbon footprint, all while eliminating utility bills.

Increase your property value

Once you go solar, your system will increase the value of your home. Go solar in Florida and invest in a home improvement that will pay for itself.

Save money every month, by reducing or eliminating your energy bills

Conventional electricity costs continue to rise and the price of solar continues to drop. Those that don’t take advantage of the affordability of solar energy will end up paying more on their utility bill over time.


Own an on-site backup energy system

Battery-stored backup power allows you to continue operating lights, refrigerators and other appliances, fans, and communications during a power outage. These systems can connect to renewable sources of energy, like solar panels, to help the batteries stay charged during an emergency.

Potential Tax Credits

The current federal solar incentive is currently set at 30%. It is, however, scheduled to decrease in 2033 from 30% down to 26% and from 26% to 22% in 2034. There has never been a better time to go solar!

Earn money by feeding excess energy back into the grid

During the day, most solar customers produce more electricity than they consume. Net metering allows them to export that power to the grid and reduce their future electric bills.


Residential solar power installations in Florida with PPM Solar

PPM Solar takes care of all the design and technical work so that you can enjoy the savings or sell your property at a higher cost due to modern and attractive solar rooftop installation. Some stages, like permission receiving and connecting to the grid are not dependent on us. However, we do all the work in house and provide you with the very best service throughout Florida. It’s our passion to see Florida transform into a green and solar state. We have been working on this together for more than 13 years!


How we do an installation

Provide a site survey for your roof, making sure it is ideal for photovoltaic panels.
Advise with financing plans to ensure the best ROI.
Quickly and professionally prepare your roof, attach the panels and install a world-class system, with minimum disruption to your home and daily routine.
Give you our pro tips on how to make real-time monitoring and optimize your system for better daily consumption

What services do we offer for residential homeowners


Off-Grid Solar

Off-Grid installations allow residents in Florida to have an independent battery storage system. The solar energy can be used without an obligatory connection to the grid. If your house is not connected to the electrical grid, there is no problem for you to start using solar power. Extra energy can be saved with battery storage without converting it to net metering credits.

Grid-Tied Solar

On-Grid solar installations are the most cost effective configuration. It allows homeowners to earn money by sending extra energy to the grid and converting it into net metering credits. New legislation passed in Florida which will reduce net metering costs by 25%, from 2024 and beyond. The ideal time to go solar is now. You could freeze 100% of net metering costs for up to 20 years! PPM Solar will consult with you in finding the best plan for your ROI.

Grid-Tied Solar with Battery Back Up

Hybrid Grid-Tied solar installations are the best way for Florida residents to go solar. Florida is known for its power outages, hurricanes and rainstorms. Under these condtions, you cannot receive energy to power your home from panels or from net metering credits. Battery backup is the only right way in such situations as it will save extra energy. This gives you an opportunity to use battery backup power during outages.

Solar battery storage installation

PPM Solar understands the importance of energy independence by knowing that you want the most advanced solar panel and solar battery storage system. Adding an optional solar battery for the home brings reassurance knowing electrical power is readily available, even when the utility grid fails. With many years of exceptional service, PPM Solar can install solar panel backup batteries from Tesla Powerwall systems or Enphase. You can feel confident in our abilites to install your solar storage battery for your home or business.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will my solar panels generate electricity during cloudy days?

Yes, however, only 10-25% of the normal energy output is generated. This depends on the cloud cover thickness.

Are solar panels hard to maintain?

No! There is little to no maintenance required for solar panels. There are a few DIY ways to maintain the panels, however, most consumers opt for the professionals that installed the system. They have the safety equipment and knowledge to ensure proper maintenance.

What happens if my roof is not good enough?

If a roof in not a good candidate for a solar system, the alternatives for going solar are ground-mounted systems or community solar. Ground-mounted systems are just that, PV panels mounted on the ground. Community solar is centrally located so the solar powered electricity can be shared by more than one property.

Will I get the 30% government Incentive?

In order to qualify to receive the 30% ITC (Investment Tax Credit) for 2022, your solar system must be installed and/or in use by December 31, 2022. It also must be inspected by a city inspector.

I want to sell my home in a few years. What happens when I want to sell?

Great news! The average increase in a home’s value with solar power is over 4%! Keep in mind, if your solar system was purchased via a secured loan, you will still be responsible for paying off that loan before you sell. The additional revenue from the increase in value can assist in the loan payoff.  An unsecured loan can still be paid after the sale of the home if you choose not to use the revenue to pay it off.

What is interconnection/net metering?

Solar interconnection is the process of connecting your solar system to the local electric power grid. Net metering is when any excess energy your solar system makes is added back to the grid.  If you make more energy than you use, you will receive a credit for the amount of energy leftover. This credit can be used on future electric bills.

How many solar panels do I need?

The number of solar panels, for a residential consumer, averages between 28-34. The number you will need depends on several factors:

  • location
  • panel performance/efficiency
  • panel sizes
  • monthly requirements for energy
  • weather in your area
  • available sunlight in your area

One of our professional team members at PPM Solar can assist you in determining the number of panels needed for the maximum energy output you require.

How soon will I notice a difference in my electric bills?

Usually within the first month of actively using the solar system. Your first utility bill should show a reduction in charges. This all depends on how much energy you use, the weather, and the time of the year.

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