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Why clean your solar panels?

Gainesville is lovingly regarded as the Tree City USA, and while it is incredibly beautiful and majestic trees produce a significant amount of pollen that tends to settle and bake on the solar panel surface. A regular cleaning is essential for maintaining the efficiency of your solar panels. Solar panels collect dust and pollen over time, blocking the sunlight and diminishing performance. We recommend a professional solar panel cleaning at least once a year to ensure optimal performance. This simple maintenance step keeps your solar system running smoothly and efficiently over time.




Why should your solar panels be cleaned by a professional?

While some homeowners choose to do it themselves, PPM recommends hiring a licensed and insured contractor to take of cleaning your system. From quality to safety – your solar system will benefit from a professional touch. By putting the cleaning into the hands of a professional, you are making sure that the job gets done correctly and that your system is operating at its’ peak. Additionally, PPM does a full visual and hands on inspection of the project, which can help detect and prevent issues early.

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What is the cost of solar panel cleaning?

PPM Solar provides cleanings at a standard cost that of $250 + $10/panel. That means that an average 8 kW, 20-panel system will cost $450 to clean. This service includes a thorough inspection, eco-friendly cleaning, and a final operational check. Prices may vary for larger or more complex installations, and commercial clients can expect customized quotes based on their specific needs. We prioritize transparent, upfront pricing with no hidden fees, ensuring you receive cost-effective service tailored to your system. Contact us for a detailed quote.

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Our Comprehensive Cleaning Process:

At PPM Solar, we follow industry standards to ensure we maintain your solar panels with the utmost care and precision. Our cleaning process aims to optimize your solar array’s performance while extending its lifespan. Here’s what you can expect when you choose PPM Solar for your solar panel cleaning needs:

Initial inspection

Our team utilizes environmentally safe cleaning agents to remove dirt and residues effectively, ensuring they do not leave harmful streaks on your panels.

Safety protocols

We prioritize using safety gear and secure practices to prevent accidents and property damage while navigating your roof.

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions

Our team utilizes environmentally safe cleaning agents to remove dirt and residues effectively, ensuring they don’t leave harmful streaks on your panels.

Manufacture warranty compliant cleaning

We use gentle brushes to carefully scrub your panels, removing dirt without scratching the surfaces.

Rinsing the panels

After scrubbing, we thoroughly rinse the panels to eliminate residue and prevent water spots, enhancing solar efficiency.

Final inspection and testing

Post-cleaning, a final check ensures your panels are pristine and perform better, confirming the effectiveness of our service.


Choose PPM Solar for reliable, thorough, and responsible solar panel care. With our professional cleaning service, you can rest assured that we handle your solar investment with care. We ensure your solar panels are clean and fully functional, helping you achieve enhanced energy efficiency and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to clean my own panels. Any word of advice?

! Always follow the appropriate safety guidelines. PPM is not responsible for any issues/damages/harm caused by self-cleaning or following these recommendations. We strongly recommend hiring a professional contractor!


Here are some of common mistakes to avoid:


1. Electric Shock. 

Make sure to turn off both AC and DC disconnects, and keep in mind that the solar panels produce electricity whenever they are exposed to the sunlight, In some systems, dangerous voltages (300 – 1500V) may still be present after all disconnects are turned off, presenting a shock hazard, especially when exposed to water. Always have an accompanying person (buddy).


2. Risk of Fall. 

Have a plan! Make sure to use OSHA-approved, fully rated fall protection, as roofs become extremely slippery when wet, and carrying cleaning equipment adds additional risks. Always tie-off your ladder to prevent the ladder sliding and harness yourself appropriately. Avoid trapping yourself above wet surface, unable to safely descend back to the ladder, even when wearing fall protection. Using other, dry roof surfaces may be ideal, so set your ladder up accordingly. On metal roofs, it may be helpful to have a dry towel to wipe your shoes off. Always have an accompanying person (buddy).


3. Temperature Shock.

Avoid Spraying cold water onto hot solar panels, as this can cause damage due to rapid and uneven material contraction, causing the glass to shatter or for the panels to age premature. Use the opportunity to clean during cooler times of the day, preferably mornings.


4. Avoid Pressure Washer.

Never use pressure washer to clean the solar panels, as it can cause delamination.


5. Avoid Regular Glass Cleaners.

Ammonia-containing glass cleaner will corrode the metals and can degrade the backing which acts as an insulator.


6. Avoid Harsh Chemicals.

Any unapproved chemicals can cause damage to the panels, wiring, or even the roof surface. Only use solar-panel specialized cleaners.


7. Avoid Abrasive Brushes or Squeegees.

Use only gentle, bristle brushes that you would use on a vehicle paint, for example. Solar panels are made with low-iron, high transmissivity glass that has etched anti-reflective coating, helping solar panels absorb more light and reducing reflection. Scratching this coating reduces the performance of the solar panels for years to come.


8. Skylights. 

Don’t step in them. Wear fall protection. Don’t walk backwards when washing. On average, 7 people are killed each year in the US after falling through skylights.


More information for proper hazard and safety assessments can be found here.:



Why is regular solar panel cleaning important?

In Florida’s humid climate, regular cleaning is essential because moisture combined with pollen can attract and hold more dirt and grime. Cleaning panels ensure efficient energy production, especially crucial during the longer daylight hours in summer.

How often should solar panels be cleaned?

Given Florida’s frequent rain, pollen, and bird activity, it’s recommended to clean solar panels at least once a year. During the pollen season in spring and after hurricane season in the fall cleaning your solar system is a must.

What is the best method for cleaning solar panels?

Use soft brushes or sponges to avoid scratching the panels. However, opting to hire a professional cleaning service is generally preferable due to the specialized equipment and techniques required. Professionals possess the right tools and expertise to safely and efficiently clean your panels, ensuring they operate at maximum efficiency without risking damage.

Can I clean my solar panels myself?

While you can clean solar panels yourself, consider potential safety risks given the frequent wet conditions that make roofs slippery. It is recommended to use professional cleaning services for safety and effectiveness.


How much does professional solar panel cleaning cost?

Residential cleaning services typically range from $450-600, depending on accessibility and the size of the system. Larger systems or those needing more frequent cleaning might require custom quotes.

Does rain clean solar panels effectively?

In Florida, rain can help remove some surface dirt but often leaves behind mineral and salt residue that can impair panel efficiency. Proper cleaning to remove these residues is essential. Panels installed at a higher tile ages require less frequent cleaning due to natural rain water runoff. But there is still a gradual build up that accumulates on the bottom of the module frame.

What time of the year is best for solar panel cleaning?

The best times to clean your solar panels is after the pollen season.

Are there any specific products recommended for solar panel cleaning?

PPM uses specific solar cleaning solution that is deigned for solar panels and is approved by most solar manufacturers.

Can solar panel cleaning increase the lifespan of my system?

Naturally, by having more qualified attention on your system, typically some early issues can be prevented and therefore, the lifespan of the project can increase. However, most importantly, the energy yield that is generated is dramatically higher with the system that gets regular cleanings.

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