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Why you should go with PPM Solar?


PPM uses the removal and replacement of your system as an opportunity for a complete overhaul. We check every wire and connection, clean and test each solar panel, and refresh your project, extending the workmanship warranty. With every re-roof and re-installation PPM:

– provides New International and Florida Code Compliant roof attachment and penetrations, designed to match your new roof lifecycle.

– preserves all engineering basis and criteria to assure that the system is in compliance electrically and structurally with the original permit that was issued.

– removes and installs brand new rooftop PV wiring and will inspect and replace any connectors that need attention.

– our R&R process is guided by one question: “Will this last 25 years”?


Solar panel removal & reinstallation

Solar panel removal and reinstallation require a careful plan to ensure everything goes smoothly and safely. This is when you want the best electrical and solar contractors—a highly skilled, licensed, and insured team well-versed in removing and reinstalling electrical solar panels. In brief, insist on professional solar system handling during reroofing. do not have your panels removed and reinstalled by the roofing company unless they have the required electrical and solar licensing and experience. This could could void your warranty and cause issues with your project.

When solar panel removal is necessary?

Top Reasons for Removing Solar Panels


  • Re-roofing project or repair
  • Poor installation by an unqualified company
  • Solar upgrades or replacement
  • Relocation or roof extension
  • Safety during tree work

How long does solar panel removal take?

With expert planning and execution, most solar panel removals and reinstallations are completed within 1-2 days, ensuring minimal disruption to your home or business. This efficient timeframe allows us to quickly and safely transition your system, whether for roof repairs, upgrades, or other needs.

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What is the cost of solar panel removal?

It’s helpful to understand that each situation is truly unique. The job’s complexity can vary depending on factors such as the number of panels involved, the current state of the system, and the specific requirements for safely removing and reinstalling the panels. These intricacies mean that an on-site evaluation is needed.

PPM Solar emphasizes the importance of conducting a comprehensive, on-site, free-of-charge evaluation that accurately assesses all the nuances of your specific solar setup and ensures that the removal and reinstallation process is tailored to meet those needs.

During the roof replacement solar panel reinstallation evaluation, PPM Solar closely examines your solar system’s condition, including the panels, mounting hardware, inverter, and wiring. This analysis helps identify potential challenges, such as hard-to-reach locations or difficult wiring. By understanding these elements, PPM Solar can devise a strategy that ensures timely, safe, and efficient removal and reinstallation—minimizing the risk of damage to your property or the solar equipment.

Also, remember that reroofing with solar panels presents an opportunity to restore your solar system and enhance its performance and longevity. The solar panel removal and reinstallation phase is ideal for implementing any possible improvements or repairs. Whether upgrading the mounting hardware or optimizing the panel layout for better sun exposure, PPM Solar will restore and revitalize your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it necessary to remove solar panels for roofing work?

Anytime you replace the roof the solar panels need to be removed.

What does the process of removing and reinstalling solar panels involve?

The process starts with disconnecting and safely securing the electrical systems. Panels are then carefully detached and stored. Once roofing work is complete, panels are inspected for any damage before being reinstalled and reconnected to the power grid.

How long does it take to remove and reinstall a solar panel system?

Typically, the removal can take a day or two for average-sized residential systems, depending on accessibility. Reinstallation might take longer, up to a few days, to ensure all connections and alignments are perfect for optimal operation.

How much does it cost to remove and reinstall solar panels?

The cost of removing and reinstalling solar panels can vary based on several factors, including the size of your system and the complexity of the job. To ensure you receive the most accurate information tailored to your specific needs, we provide custom estimates at no cost.

Can any solar company remove and reinstall panels, or do I need a specialist?

While any licensed solar company is qualified to work on solar panels, just as with the initial installation – quality matters. It is important to assure that your brand-roof is safe and sound with solar system for its entire useful life. Also, when R&R is performed by the original installer, they often provide a warranty extension to compliment your new project.

Will removing my solar panels affect my warranty?

Typically, the manufacturer’s warranties remain intact if the removal and reinstallation are performed by certified professionals. However, always check with your provider to confirm that this is the case. Discuss the solar panel location with your installer to make sure that you have the room, to know where they plan to store it for you. The warranties typically provision for any service to be performed by original installer only, so it is important make sure that the workmanship warranty is still in tact or obtain a new one.


What should I do to prepare my solar system for removal?

Ensure all paperwork and warranties are in order, turn off the system following the proper shutdown procedure, and clear the area around the installation site to facilitate easy access.

Is it a good time to upgrade my system when reinstalling?

Absolutely. Reinstallation presents a great opportunity to upgrade to more efficient panels or to expand your system to meet increased energy needs, which is especially beneficial in Florida’s sunny climate.

How can I ensure the integrity of my roof and solar system during reinstallation?

Use experienced contractors who follow best practices and comply with Florida’s building regulations. Ensure they conduct thorough inspections post-installation to confirm that the roof and solar installation are secure and functional.

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