PPM Solar delivers solar differently

Since our first project in 2009, we’ve been doing things others said were too hard. So, how are we different?

1. Not a sales company

PPM solar has never been a sales company that uses high-pressure sales tactics when talking to prospective clients. We care about you, and we will never install a solar system if conditions are not suitable for each individual consumer.

2. Not just solar

PPM Solar is not just a solar company; we are also a Florida-licensed electrical firm that installs solar. Our team has been working with electrical complexities on the highest level for well over a decade! Our goal is to alleviate any worries regarding the electrical configuration of the installation.

3. Experienced Owners

Both company owners are University of Florida graduates with solar installation and electrical licenses. Their integrity, honesty, and hard work have garnered them respect throughout the solar industry. PPM Solar has placed in the elite list of the world’s fastest-growing Gator-led businesses by the UF Gator 100.

4. We are community focused

All of us at PPM Solar do our part in making responsible choices and giving back to the community. A completed solar installation is not the end of relations with PPM Solar. Once we become members of our solar family, we will never lose connection with our clients!

5. We are open to speak to you

Real people, all easily accessible by call, text, or email, from the receptionist to the owners .If you need additional information from a project coordinator or even from owners, contact us anytime. We are happy to help!

6. Your installation – your choice

We provide equipment options, through a comprehensive process, to guarantee the perfect selection for each individual project.

7. You can see what you will get

We offer only the best options, so before installation, each client receives a photorealistic 3D model of their home or business with the solar panels installed. This ensures that the design and engineering meet client expectations. Our team also performs on-site surveys and custom, detail-oriented energy consumption consulting that helps customers determine what size solar system they need.

8. Superior wire management

We design and install each solar system with the longevity of each in mind. Our solar systems are known for having a more precise and polished finish, including wire management. The PPM team ensures the proper support, protection and routing of PV system wires and cables.

9. Local and experienced

PPM Solar has served over 800 customers across various industries throughout Florida, with over 13 megawatts installed! Every day, we continue to help our state have more accessibility to solar power. At the same time, while partnering with our clients, we are also helping our state become cleaner for us and future generations.

10. Top solar installer

Out of over 13,000 solar contractors in the US, PPM Solar was identified as one of the Top 100 Solar Contractors in North America in 2020! We are so proud to have been recognized, not only for our professionalism but also for the satisfied community of our customers. To receive such a memorable award shows our commitment to excellent customer service, installation of quality solar systems, and improving the efforts to help make our state a cleaner place to live.

11. High ratings

PPM Solar proudly holds a 5-star average rating across Google, Facebook, BBB (Better Business Bureau), Solar Reviews, and Yelp from our valued clients!

12. We offer future maintenance and support after install

PPM Solar believes in regular follow-ups for the solar system’s life, offering full transparency and high-quality service for all our customers.

13. Meaningful communication

We at PPM Solar know how exciting it is to go solar and become energy-independent. From answering questions and giving advice and guidance to installing and maintaining the solar system, the PPM team will be here for you through every step of the process.

14. The best service on the market

We constantly strive to improve and work towards having the best service record in the market. PPM Solar’s team is involved in the installation, from the installers to the owners. The process requires immense quality control and precise planning to move from step to step. Our goal is to keep our clients satisfied for life!

15. We are a business with local souls

Co-owners Alex Khokhlov and Jason Gonos founded PPM Solar in 2009. They each have a true passion for solar! PPM is completely different from the giant corporations that make solar installations nationwide. Being local in Florida since 2009 has given us valuable insight into the solar rules and regulations as well as the local and political culture.

16. We care about our team!

In order for PPM Solar to consistently have satisfied customers, we know that having a stellar installation crew is essential! Each solar system is installed by our highly skilled, professional and friendly technicians. PPM Solar cares about our employees, and we are confident in their abilities. We offer fair pay, health insurance, time off and consistent advancement opportunities..

17. The whole and complete process on your palm

Our technicians strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s settings in electrical torque and terminations, codes, and guidelines. Using this critical path installation system ensures there are no cut corners or skipped steps in the process.

Installaton Details

Solar penetrations on a shingle roof

It is critically important for any solar installation to be performed so that it will not leak for the system’s life. With most of our home solar installations on shingle roofs, we have adopted a robust, international building-code-compliant attachment system with zero leaks. Pictured below is the IronRidge flush-mounted system, one of our preferred flush roof mounts. With large FlashFoot 2 flashings, open-notch L-foot attachments, and strong XR rail, this system and mounting structures stand above the roof surface, allowing air circulation that keeps the roof shaded and cool.

Solar penetrations on a shingle roof

Importance of wire management

Wires and connectors are the first points of failure in solar installations. Heat, sharp corners, moisture, cold, wind, mechanical movement, electrical loads, and sunlight can test the exposed wiring system. Often, solar wire management is overlooked since it has yet to be seen. Inadequate wire management can result in excessive service calls, arc faults, ground faults, and other hazards and nuisances. Wire management allows for low maintenance of the solar system’s life when performed correctly. PPM Solar works hard to prevent abrasions and tears to the wires. We do this by adhering to the best industry practices, such as appropriate bend radiuses, non-degradable clips, and supports (wire nuts fail). Our installers are trained to consider that every connector and wire will have a 25-year lifespan.

Importance of wire management

MC4 connectors

Field electrical connectors can be a real challenge, especially on the roof. Sometimes, those with prior roofing experience conduct the roof portion of the work but have limited experience with solar connectors. Multiple steps must be taken to ensure the proper operation of the solar connector. With current arc fault sensing, tripping can become problematic with MC4s when they are cut too long or frayed. Proper crimping, location, sourcing, and planning help field connectors stay trouble-free longer.

MC4 connectors
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