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PPM Solar has been installing solar panels for commercial use in Florida since 2009.

Capitalize unused space to increase your bottom line — utilities are essential expenses that can drain a business’s cash flow. A business’s bottom line can become victim to the fluctuations and increases of utility costs. Bringing your energy expenses under control is an effective, yet often overlooked, method of increasing your bottom line.

Businesses can improve their bottom line by utilizing solar to stabilize fluctuations in energy expenses, protect against energy market volatility, and reduce payments to utility companies.

I started off purchasing a solar energy system for my home. After my experience with the sales and ownership team, along with the high quality of the installation of the system, contracted PPM to install a commercial system on my company’s building.

Lowest prices, highest incentives, ever

Today, the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for solar is one-third the cost of traditional utility offerings. Businesses that generate solar energy are guaranteed a 70% savings on energy for the useful life of a solar energy system, approximately 30 years.

Be inspired by the testimonials of our commercial solar clients!

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San Felasco Tech City (SFTC)
San Felasco Tech City (SFTC)
The 4-Megawatt solar system at San Felasco Tech City (SFTC) is a massive step forward in energy sustainability. The solar system, consisting of about 5000 panels right now and closer to 10-12,000 once fully operational, can generate enough power to serve approximately 500 homes.
Gainesville Health & Fitness
Gainesville Health & Fitness
The solar system installed by PPM Solar will produce enough energy to eliminate the annual burning of around 335,000 pounds of coal by the local utility company. By going solar, GHF is becoming a leader in the fitness industry and setting an example for other businesses to follow.
Frog Song Organics Farm
Frog Song Organics Farm
The farm’s founder and administrator, Amy Van Scoik, believes that “sustainability is at the core of what we do, and we strive to be good stewards of the land.” The installation of solar panels at Frog Song Organics has significantly impacted the farm’s ability to grow and distribute food sustainably.
solar panel system installed on the roof solar panels installed on the roof

Commercial solar panel efficiency advantages and disadvantages

Utility costs negatively affect the bottom line of any business operation. They are simply impossible to avoid. Some businesses (including the largest and most successful) are turning to solar power to reduce utility expenses and reap an excellent ROI with solar.

Walmart, Amazon, CVS, and Macy’s, are some of the largest users of solar energy in the US and Florida today. Simply put, if a business has unoccupied roof space, it is worth giving a solar project a closer look.

On average, the simplified levelized payback time on a commercial solar project today is 3.5 —  5.5 years, yielding 15-30% annual return. Once the system is paid for, businesses enjoy free electricity for additional 18-21 years under a solar panel warranty.

While the solar module efficiency is critical for residential projects with limited roof space, commercial projects are often about the lowest per-watt cost. This is where a balance needs to be achieved between efficiency and energy yield over time. Simply put, the goal is to achieve the fastest return on investment, while maximizing the lifecycle energy yield and driving down the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE).

PPM Solar has the track record and experience to bring your commercial project to life. We have experience in Florida with a wide range of solutions for different industries, utilities, nonprofits, and academia.

By opening a conversation about a solar project, you start the process of benefiting your organization and demonstrating environmental stewardship to the business community and your customer base.

Let our team of experts guide you in this process and lay out the best options for your business quickly and efficiently.


Community leadership Environmental stewardship

63% of Fortune 100 companies have set clean energy goals and 48% of Fortune 500 companies have set climate or clean energy targets. A significant number of these businesses set 100% renewable energy goals.

Source: World Wildlife Fund


Federal Tax Credit has increased in value

The current federal solar incentive is currently set at 30%. It is, however, scheduled to decrease in 2033 from 30% down to 26% and from 26% to 22% in 2034. There has never been a better time to go solar, as the incentives remain at their highest, and inflation is slowly creeping the prices of solar installations up.


Top companies by megawatt installed

American businesses are leading the transition to clean economy because it’s smart business and it’s what their customers want. Clean energy is fueling economic opportunity from coast to coast. […] these companies are making it very clear that a transition to a low-carbon economy is inevitable.”

– Marty Spitzer, Senior Director, World Wildlife Fund.

What our customers say

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PPM proudly showcases our 5-star customer reviews and ratings because our team

diligently ensures personable sales and installation that produces excellent results!

Blake Fletcher
Blake Fletcher
PPM Solar did an excellent job with our home solar installation. Their team was professional, punctual, and knowledgeable, making the entire process smooth and hassle-free. Highly recommend.
joost impink
joost impink
Highly recommended; things took longer than expected, but otherwise it was very good experience. Nice crew, high quality work, pricing in line with expectations.
Biljana Horn
Biljana Horn
One of our solar panels was not functioning. This happened a couple of years after the solar installation. We called PPM Solar - they diagnosed the problem virtually and then came and fixed it. All costs were covered through the warranty. We are extremely happy with our solar system which covers most of our energy use. I highly recommend it for people who have to run air conditioner in summer, like we do.
It is a good company. highly recommended.
liz stubbs
liz stubbs
From start to finish the team at PPM Solar excelled in all aspects of the process and experience. As a first-time solar customer, I had lots of questions about the best setup for my specific needs. I am in the country where power outages can be more frequent and prolonged. I wanted a system that could also provide backup power during prolonged outages. From sales through final inspection, PPM Solar team understood my situation and goals, designed a fabulous solution and worked with me on timeframe so we could do panels first, then battery storage in a later phase. For every question I had, they were super helpful in getting me answers... they even encouraged my questions ???? Their install team was super professional and efficient. Their project coordinator was amazing, making my part of the process easy and efficient, and kept me informed every step of the way. At the final walkthrough, I appreciated all the expertise and recommendations they shared on my system's operation and best practices to keep the panels clean, etc. It is clear to me that this team is both expert in solar, but also they love solar. They bring that great energy to all their client interactions and are happy to educate us as we learn our new systems. I am thrilled they are my solar team! Exciting to be moving forward with them on battery storage. I am delighted to give them 5 stars on expertise, client relations and ease of the entire process. LOVE my system, and grateful to PPM Solar!
Jorge Milanes
Jorge Milanes
I can’t recommend PPM Solar enough for your solar panel needs. They were clear about how many panels were needed and where they would be the most efficient. They did the install along with adding a Tesla wall charger (which they are certified to do) all in one day. Their crew has clearly worked together for a good while as evidenced by how efficiently they worked together. Their entire staff from the installers to the electricians, production manager, administrative staff etc are all great and seem to really enjoy their work. They are a local company that has been working in the area and I would select them again and have recommended them to my friends.
Lyzzy Dismang
Lyzzy Dismang
PPM Solar was great. It took a little longer than expected but working with Gabby was easy and she kept me informed. We had some issues with the county and power company but it all got handled. Everyone I encountered was professional and friendly. The install went smooth, the panels look great and the app is easy to use. Now I am not worried about the power going off at any time.

Our Commercial Projects in Florida


Case Studies


Fortune 500 Company

Macy’s wanted to expand its long-standing pursuit of sustainability and reduce energy consumption.

Increase solar capacity by 25-35% over 2012 levels.

Macy’s is now generating over 50,000 mWh of energy, most of which is sold to others, driving down expenses and diversifying revenue.


Sherer Construction

Power Production Management Project

Scherer Construction was experiencing peak demand energy charges that was shrinking its profit margin.

Solar energy system installed using custom bracket system to distribute system weight over larger area of corrugated metal roof.

Peak demand charges were eliminated and 60% of electricity needs are now met with solar energy.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of a commercial solar panel?

Due to the sturdiness of the commercial panels, they can last 15-20 years.

Do I need planning permission for commercial solar panels?

Additional reviews are required to facilitate a commercial project. They may be necessary due to local authorities, utilities, or federal agencies to assure safety and compliance of a solar project. However, Florida Solar Rights act has strong protections for any entity going solar, and PPM will take care of all submittals, permits, and permissions on your project.

How efficient are commercial solar systems?

The efficiency level averages between 17-20% for commercial solar system units.

Why should businesses go solar?

  • Federal Investment Tax Credit of 30%! 
  • Less reliance on the electrical grid
  • Decrease in expenses
  • Return of Investment (ROI) is higher due to the tax credit and net metering
  • Going solar is better for the environment- this can help with community relations between the business and consumers
  • Property value increases
  • More financing options 
  • Little to no maintenance

Can solar energy be used 24 hours a day?

Yes! When paired with a solar battery storage unit, and depending on the amount of energy stored in the battery, solar energy can be used 24 hours a day. Sunlight powered energy through the daylight hours, and stored sunlight energy for the evening and nighttime hours.

What is a Tier 2 solar system in Florida?

Florida’s solar panel units are divided into a 3-tier system measured by kilowatts. This is part of the state’s interconnection and net metering guidelines. Tier 2’s kilowatt measurements are between 10kw and 100kw.

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