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Earn Up to $1,000 for Referring PPM Solar

At PPM Solar, our mission is to have a world powered by the sun.

Together we can make this happen!

Maximize your perks of solar with PPM Solar’s referral program.

By referring your friends, family, and neighbors to PPM Solar, we will pay you $1000 for each customer you bring that goes solar with us. Refer and earn as much as you like!

Please fill out the required information below, and soon you and those you refer will be on the way to taking advantage of our solar company referral program.

It pays to share! Get a “referral reward” of $1000 for each qualified customer you refer to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I refer people to PPM Solar?

Complete the online referral form on This information is required for the referral program.

How does the referral process work?

For each qualified customer you refer to us that goes solar, you will receive a “referral reward” of $1000!

When and how will I get paid?

The referral reward of $1000 is paid out 4-8 weeks after:

  • installation has been completed on the solar facility of the person you referred
  • confirmation that PPM account of the person you referred is in good standing as defined in the PPM Customer Agreement.

Who is eligible for referral payment?

Anyone who refers a customer to PPM Solar that moves forward with their solar project.

If I am not a customer of PPM Solar yet, can I still participate in the referral program?

Yes! Anyone is eligible to refer and receive a reward, whether they have installed a system with PPL Solar or not.

I went solar at home and want to go solar at my business too. Can I refer myself?

Absolutely! You can refer yourself to us, however, you become eligible for a discount instead of a cash bonus. Since there are certain requirements to project financing that may complicate a referral bonus, an additional discount is taken off of the final payment.

What products are eligible for referrals?

New solar photovoltaic installations.

What happens if my friend cancels their contract?

Here, at PPM Solar, cancellations are extremely rare. We will never retract a referral fee that has already been paid out.

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