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Install solar panels in Florida with PPM

Drastically reduce or eliminate your monthly utility bill and lower your carbon footprint by selecting Florida’s best solar installation company, PPM Solar. Our passion for solar systems in St. Augustine, Florida, shines over other solar installers with our exceptional customer service, high-quality solar roofing products, and the best price for solar panels in Florida.

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1 day
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7 years
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25 years
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40 years

Residential Solar Installations

Combine the warmth of a gorgeous sunny day with the Florida humidity, and suddenly, one is in misery, enough so that air conditioning is a must for almost every household. However, operating an air conditioning means high energy consumption and high costs. By going solar, your family can rest assured that the cost of comfort doesn’t require compromise. Solar panels in Florida quickly pay for themselves and add value to your home.

PPM Solar will help you find the perfect solar power system to fit your energy needs. You can rest in comfort knowing you’ve made the right choice by selecting us as your solar installer.

Solar for homes

Commercial Solar Installations

Are you wondering how to get to the bottom line about solar?
Collect about one year’s worth of your electric bills from your utility company and contact PPM Solar.

Stop overpaying the utility company and start routing your hard-earned money into an investment that genuinely has a return for more than 30 years.

PPM Solar’s professional and friendly staff will gladly assist you in determining if solar is the right solution for your business. We also have the best financial loans available for going solar.

Solar for business

Tesla Powerwall

Power outages by electric utility companies happen regularly throughout Florida. No matter the cause, any outage disrupts and often happens at the most inconvenient times.

Adding a Tesla Powerwall or Enphase IQ Battery Energy Storage System to your solar PV system means refrigerators, freezers, or other essential appliances are not disrupted and are available during a power outage. These add-on systems are rechargeable lithium-ion battery banks designed for storing electricity for solar self-consumption during outages, time-of-use load shifting, and backup power.

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Only The Highest-Quality Equipment

At PPM, we offer only top-tier solar modules, inverters, and mounting structures that have been time-tested while making the latest and greatest technology available. Find out more about specific components that we install by clicking the button below to see our Technical Library.


3 simple steps to installation

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1. Free consultation
Our consultant will quickly provide you with a proposal after a detailed evaluation of your home and energy use. You will receive a detailed quote outlining your energy costs and providing a flexible solar solution that can be easily financed if needed.
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2. Installation
Our highly-trained crew performs your solar installation. Most installations take 1 day to complete. We work with your schedule to make your solar installation an easy and convenient experience. Your system is designed and installed with utmost care.
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3. A lifetime of savings
Once installed, your solar investment begins to work immediately – day after day as the sun comes up. Every system that we build is designed for minimal maintenance and maximum longevity. Your new panels also come with free online monitoring access for life!

What our customers say

Join our many satisfied customers and call us today!

PPM proudly showcases our 5-star customer reviews and ratings because our team diligently ensures personable sales and installation that produces excellent results!

Blake Fletcher
Blake Fletcher
PPM Solar did an excellent job with our home solar installation. Their team was professional, punctual, and knowledgeable, making the entire process smooth and hassle-free. Highly recommend.
joost impink
joost impink
Highly recommended; things took longer than expected, but otherwise it was very good experience. Nice crew, high quality work, pricing in line with expectations.
Biljana Horn
Biljana Horn
One of our solar panels was not functioning. This happened a couple of years after the solar installation. We called PPM Solar - they diagnosed the problem virtually and then came and fixed it. All costs were covered through the warranty. We are extremely happy with our solar system which covers most of our energy use. I highly recommend it for people who have to run air conditioner in summer, like we do.
It is a good company. highly recommended.
liz stubbs
liz stubbs
From start to finish the team at PPM Solar excelled in all aspects of the process and experience. As a first-time solar customer, I had lots of questions about the best setup for my specific needs. I am in the country where power outages can be more frequent and prolonged. I wanted a system that could also provide backup power during prolonged outages. From sales through final inspection, PPM Solar team understood my situation and goals, designed a fabulous solution and worked with me on timeframe so we could do panels first, then battery storage in a later phase. For every question I had, they were super helpful in getting me answers... they even encouraged my questions ???? Their install team was super professional and efficient. Their project coordinator was amazing, making my part of the process easy and efficient, and kept me informed every step of the way. At the final walkthrough, I appreciated all the expertise and recommendations they shared on my system's operation and best practices to keep the panels clean, etc. It is clear to me that this team is both expert in solar, but also they love solar. They bring that great energy to all their client interactions and are happy to educate us as we learn our new systems. I am thrilled they are my solar team! Exciting to be moving forward with them on battery storage. I am delighted to give them 5 stars on expertise, client relations and ease of the entire process. LOVE my system, and grateful to PPM Solar!
Jorge Milanes
Jorge Milanes
I can’t recommend PPM Solar enough for your solar panel needs. They were clear about how many panels were needed and where they would be the most efficient. They did the install along with adding a Tesla wall charger (which they are certified to do) all in one day. Their crew has clearly worked together for a good while as evidenced by how efficiently they worked together. Their entire staff from the installers to the electricians, production manager, administrative staff etc are all great and seem to really enjoy their work. They are a local company that has been working in the area and I would select them again and have recommended them to my friends.
Lyzzy Dismang
Lyzzy Dismang
PPM Solar was great. It took a little longer than expected but working with Gabby was easy and she kept me informed. We had some issues with the county and power company but it all got handled. Everyone I encountered was professional and friendly. The install went smooth, the panels look great and the app is easy to use. Now I am not worried about the power going off at any time.

What is the average cost of a solar system in St. Augustine, FL?

The total cost of a solar energy system depends upon calculations of current electric use, estimated future use, roof type, the angle and pitch of the roof, and surrounding elements, such as trees or other obstacles.

PPM Solar utilizes state-of-the-art techniques for devising annual energy production estimates for solar residential and commercial properties before installation. Our drones and software ensure the highest accuracy of calculations for yearly energy production so that you can operate confidently. And the return on solar investment is exceptional.
Speak with a PPM solar consultant to start your solar system today. We are perfect to be your solar panel installation company!

Why go solar?

Save money

With solar energy, you can offset your monthly utilities, allowing you to pay off installation costs in a matter of years and saving you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your solar energy system. You’ll also be eligible for tax rebates and incentives and, in some cases, can even earn credit from your utility company for the energy you produce.

Increase Sustainability

An investment in solar is an investment in sustainability. Dramatically decrease your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels while improving your impact on global climate change. Unlike other energy sources, solar doesn’t disrupt ecosystems or release harmful pollutants into the air and water supply. It’s also a great way to boost interest in clean technologies and the economies they support.

Gain Energy Independence

A residential solar power system gets you one step closer to energy independence. Know where your power comes from, how it’s produced, and how it’s sourced. Avoid rising and fluctuating rates, take control of your savings, and increase the value of your home. With solar energy, it’s up to you, not the utility company, how you spend your savings.

Protect Your Savings

Use solar energy and storage solutions to protect your home from unplanned power outages, insulate your finances from unpredictable energy costs, and minimize your reliance on public utilities. A comprehensive solar energy and storage solution allows uninterrupted power even when utilities turn off, or the sun goes down.

ITC for solar panels in St. Augustine

This is excellent news, as the federal solar incentive was previously scheduled to end in 2024. Consumers now have an additional TEN years to take advantage of this incredible tax credit program. Moreover, clients who install solar energy systems in 2022 will receive an increase from 26% to 30%, resulting in a significant bonus of $1,500 for an average solar client!

Currently, the federal solar incentive is set at 30%. However, it is scheduled to decrease in 2033 from 30% to 26% and further down to 22% in 2034. With incentives at their highest and inflation gradually affecting the prices of solar installations, there has never been a better time to go solar.


Our Residential Projects in Florida

25.8 kW System
saves ~$409 a month
25.8 kW System
saves ~$409 a month
25.8 kW System
saves ~$409 a month

We deliver your customized quote in one day! Compare PPM’s quote to other installers!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I begin?

You begin by speaking with a reputable, highly reliable, and professional company. That company is PPM Solar! We will work with you through every phase of the process. From consultations to design to installation and maintenance. PPM is one of the most reviewed solar companies in the country. With a 12-year track record of dedication to customer satisfaction and over 750 projects performed, our work speaks for itself.

How do solar panels work?

The simple answer is that sunlight is absorbed through the panels to produce energy. An inverter in the system then converts that energy into useful electricity. That electricity is sent to the AC breaker panel, with any remaining energy “net-metered” to the grid.

What does the solar panel installation process look like?

After making your decision to go solar, you will to speak with a professional at PPM Solar. They’ll schedule an assessment of your property to determine the best solar system. Next comes designing your system! Then, it’s onto financing and permitting.

Once all of these things are completed, the installation will be scheduled. Prior to the installation, you should re-check the site selected for the panels. If you chose ground-mounted panels, double-check that there is nothing blocking the sunlight and that there is no debris in the area. If you opted for roof-mounted panels, the roof must be prepped. Check the shingles or tiles to make sure they are attached securely. Remove anything that might be attached to the roof that may be in the way of installation, such as a satellite dish. Also, check for trees that could cast shadows or overhanging limbs. They may need to be pruned prior to installation to ensure maximum energy output.


On the day of solar panel installation, there will be various types of noise. If you have small children who nap during the day or if you work from home, you may want to make different arrangements.


Once the installation is completed, there will be a final inspection and then activation of the system. Now, you are ready to reap all of the benefits going solar brings!

Is solar financing available?

Yes! Solar financing can be obtained several ways. You can finance through PPM Solar. Secured and unsecured loans and second mortgages are other ways to find financing. Some Florida utility companies offer financing. Programs like the PACE program and Government Loans through the Federal Housing Administration are also

How long do solar panels last?

On average, the designed lifespan of your residential solar system is around 30 years. However, that’s not to say your system won’t work well beyond the recommended service life. In fact, there are some solar home energy systems installed over 40 years ago that are still producing power today.

How much can I save on my electric bill with a solar panel system?

Annually, you can expect to save around $1500 for a 6kW system.

Are there any solar incentives available for homeowners?

Yes! There is currently a 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC). While there are no state rebates, several counties in Florida do offer rebates.

Does solar increase the value of my home?

In most cases, yes! Studies have shown different calculations for how a home can increase in value.
• Zillow- on average, homes with solar have sold for over 4% more than those without (depending on location, some could be more, some could be less)
• Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory indicates a resale value of just under $6k for each kilowatt of installed solar power; the more kilowatts there are, the more of an increase.
Appraisal Journal reports that for every $1 saved in energy costs, the home value increases by $20.

How do I prepare my home for solar electricity?

  • Have your roof examined to ensure it will hold the load capacity of the panels and racks
  • Make any repairs needed to the roof
  • Remove any debris, satellite dishes, etc.
  • Trim any trees that may overhang or shade the roof
  • Check for proper insulation and repair any windows or doors that may have leaks, as this will decrease the optimum energy output provided by the system
  • Check to make sure your appliances are energy-efficient
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