Rechargeable solar battery system for your home

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Solar battery backup systems for your home with PPM Solar

A well-designed PV array of solar panels and a solar battery backup system is the ultimate goal of becoming energy independent.

The combination of generating electricity and having a battery backup power supply for home, storing power for emergencies and other needs, is gaining popularity across the country.

PPM Solar understands the importance of energy independence by knowing that you want the most advanced solar panel and solar battery storage system. Adding an optional solar battery for home can bring reassurance, knowing electrical power is readily available, even when the utility grid fails.

With many years of exceptional service, PPM Solar can install solar panel backup batteries from Tesla Powerwall systems or Enphase. You can feel confident in our care for installing your solar storage battery for home or business.

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How do solar storage systems work?

Whenever sunlight strikes the collection surface of a solar PV cell, electricity begins to flow from the cell and into the broader solar PV array.

In grid-tied connections, the home or business consumes the energy, and any unused energy flows to the utility grid for distribution.

Grid-tied utility connections are available for solar panels in Gainesville, solar panels in Orlando, and most cities throughout Florida.

By adding a solar home battery backup system, you can have electricity available from your batteries for use at night or during a power outage. Other benefits include system load balancing for use during grid high-rate periods.


Get inspired to switch to solar energy by watching video testimonials from our satisfied customers!

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John and Kandee Mulkey
John and Kandee Mulkey
Kandee, a self-proclaimed “hippie from the seventies,” explains how she always feels compelled by a deep desire to contribute to the world’s environmental well-being. She says with the sun as a daily companion in Crystal River, harnessing its energy seemed almost poetic.
Kathy McGlone
Kathy McGlone
Having owned her home for over three decades, Kat’s interest in solar power began many years ago, but she faced obstacles due to two large trees overshadowing her house. However, by 2019, the trees were gone, providing an opportunity to explore solar.
 Keith Nelson
Keith Nelson
Keith’s conviction in the power of solar energy motivated him to make a sustainable choice for his home. He recognized the significance of reducing his family’s carbon footprint and embracing renewable energy.
 Chris & Carol Wendler
Chris & Carol Wendler
The Wendler family realized the importance of weatherizing their home before installing a solar energy system. They understood that solar energy could be more effective and beneficial if their home were as efficient as possible.
Eric & Karen Hines
Eric & Karen Hines
Tired of the ever-increasing energy cost from their utility company, the Hines’ knew that installing solar would lower their monthly energy costs. Before going solar, their summer electric bills would far exceed $500.00 monthly.

Do you really need one?

Solar energy storage systems are not required when installing a grid-tied solar PV array. However, when the grid fails, the PV system will shut off too. By adding a solar battery bank for home, your solar PV system will continue to operate.

Why do solar panels and solar batteries make a great pair?

Imagine perpetual supply of electric power even during a grid-tied power outage without the use of fuel-powered generators. Battery storage for home offers peace of mind without the need for generator maintenance and refueling.

Add batteries to your solar PV array and relax. Your essential appliances, computers, and devices are still available during grid-tied outages because you now have the sun’s power under your control.

Solar battery systems provide:

  1. Carefree emergency backup power
  2. Use of electricity at night while panels are sleeping
  3. Quiet backup power – unlike fuel generators
  4. Load shifting during peak utility rates
  5. Increased self-reliance on clean energy
  6. Battery backup of commercial business solar systems can help avoid any potential office disruption of computer equipment due to outages.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my solar system power my home or business when the grid fails?

Not without a solar battery storage unit. Unfortunately, when the power grid goes down, all solar energy inverters connected to the grid will be automatically shut off. Utility workers and the grid itself require the shutdown for safety reasons.

how does solar panel system works

Is it worth investing in a battery along with solar panels?


  • lessen dependence on the electrical grid
  • make a positive impact on the environment by having zero gas emissions 
  • live totally off-grid. 


  • decrease utility bills
  • have a long-lasting back-up power system 
  • store the excess energy produced by solar panels.


  • solar batteries have the convenience of power, even in an outage 
  • no worries about how or where to store fuel for a generator
  • monitor how much solar power the PV panels make

How long can Solar Battery Bank systems run when the grid fails?

Anywhere from 10-15 hours, to few days without recharging. The duration of the energy depends on the battery size, the size of your home/business, and what the energy is being used for. If used for basic appliances, like a refrigerator or stove, the energy stored in the solar battery will last longer than if it was also being used for HVAC or heating up water.

Can a Solar Battery Bank be installed anywhere on my property?

Solar batteries need an insulated and ventilated area where the air flow is natural and uninhibited. Due to the inner workings, the batteries should not be stored in direct sunlight. Intense heat causes the batteries to slowdown and the capacity decreases. Most residential consumers store their batteries outside the home, in a garage, carport or outbuilding. Some smaller batteries can be stored inside, but due to the chemicals that can emit hydrogen gas, it is recommended the battery not be in the main living area of the home.

Can I add solar battery storage to my existing solar system?

Yes! Retrofitting a solar system with a battery storage unit can be done! The process is less expensive and easier to install if the solar system was placed with the intention of adding battery storage later. However, hybrid inverters can replace the current inverter and use DC energy generated by the panels to charge the battery. To use a traditional inverter, a storage inverter is needed as well to charge the battery. This can be done by installing an AC coupled system. While this system can be used with different inverters, is easy to install, and is a cost-effective, the efficiency is at a lower capacity.

Why would I need solar battery storage?

If you are unsure if you need solar battery storage, check the list below to see if any of these reasons apply to you:

  • depend less on the electric grid
  • decrease electric bills
  • require uninterrupted power due to the use of life saving medical equipment
  • unreliable electric grids in your area
  • harsh/extreme weather conditions (heavy rainstorms, hurricanes)
  • lessen the loss of food (money) due to power outages
  • store excess energy produced by your solar panels
  • do away with carbon-based fuel run generators
  • concern about the environment

Will a solar battery work on a cloudy day?

Yes! When using solar panels on a cloudy day, or during a rainstorm, power is accessible through battery storage, even if connected to the electric grid.

What happens to solar panels when batteries are full?

Nothing! The panels will continue to generate energy, but it will not be routed to the battery system when it is full and cannot be stored.

How many batteries do I need for off-grid solar?

On average, living totally off-grid requires 8-10 batteries. There are precise calculations used when determining the exact number of batteries needed for your off-grid living. This can be done by speaking with one of the professionals at PPM Solar.

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