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Our expert technicians will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your solar setup to ensure everything is functioning efficiently. This no-cost inspection is the perfect way to identify any potential issues and optimize your system’s performance. Please book using the button below, or call us to schedule: 352-540-7234
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Solar panel cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning
Over time, panels accumulate dust, pollen, and debris that can obstruct sunlight and reduce output. Our thorough cleaning process removes these obstructions, enhancing energy production and prolonging the lifespan of your panels.
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Remove solar panel
Remove/Reinstall Solar Panels
PPM ensures a seamless process, minimizing downtime and protecting the integrity of your solar investment. We handle every detail with precision, from safely disconnecting the system to ensuring optimal reinstallation for continued energy efficiency.
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Repair Solar panel
Other Services
At PPM Solar, we offer a wide range of maintenance services designed to keep your solar system in top condition. From routine inspections to performance assessments and component upgrades, our expert team is equipped to address any issue.
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