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Unlock the power of solar with PPM Solar and GRU! Take advantage now before it is too late—nearly half of circuits are already closed for new solar installations. Benefit from being part of PPM experienced team that has completed more installations than any other contractor in GRU territory, giving you the peace-of-mind on your journey to sustainable solar energy production. Start today and make sure your address still qualifies for Solar Enargy installation.

How PPM Solar compares

With PPM Solar

  • Educational and honest sales approach
  • We don’t sell your information
  • Quote directly from your installer, PPM Solar
  • Fair price and no hidden financing fees
  • Local, accountable, serving the community for 14+ years
  • Highly trained installers, low turnover
  • One point of contact during consultation  
  • Same management structure / 2 founders for 14+ years
  • Ethical and accurate solar production estimates 
  • Advanced technology and manufacturer’s certifications
  • Real customer satisfaction based on product performance 
  • Easy communication thought the project
  • Advanced analysis tools to give you an accurate estimate
  • We make it all simple: decision-making process, go solar, own solar
  • Transparent installation expectations, honest timelines 
  • In-house installers that are a pleasure to work with

Common experience within the industry

  • Sell your information to other companies if you dont buy
  • Bombarded by phone calls for months 
  • High-Pressure Sales Tactics 
  • Greedy Sales organizations, installs outsourced to lowest bidder  
  • You don’t know who’s coming to your housze
  • Preditory practices – bloated pricing and hidden financing fees 
  • Out-of-town, fly-by-night, service challenges, no one answers the phone
  • Your information is passed down and resold over and over 
  • Unsustainable growth and high risk of not being around 
  • Vast service area without a deep understanding of the local community and needs
  • Poor reviews, and often purchased reviews
  • Pushing the same technology upon everyone for ease of sale
  • Long months of waiting and a shady process
  • Exaggerated solar estimates, promises, upselling and overselling
  • Aim to close the sale, not providing eduction or a real solution

3 simple steps to installation

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1. Free consultation
Our consultant will provide you with a proposal quickly after a detailed evaluation of your home and your energy use. You will receive a detailed quote that outlines your existing energy costs and provides a flexible solar solution that can be easily financed if needed.
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2. Installation
Our highly-trained crew performs your solar installation. Most installations take 1 day to complete. We work with your schedule to make your solar installation an easy and convenient experience. Your system is designed and installed with utmost care.
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3. A lifetime of savings
Once installed, your solar investment begins to work immediately – day after day as the sun comes up. Every system that we build is designed for minimal maintenance and maximum longevity. Your new panels also come with free online monitoring access for life!

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Peter McFetridge
Peter McFetridge
Fantastic company- when an investment of this magnitude happens it’s often hard to separate the charlatans from the real quality business. Once we’d made our minds up and moved forward we were so pleased we decided to work with PPM - 10/10 quality, efficient and trustworthy.
gevalin srisooksai
gevalin srisooksai
Very professional, punctual, flexible, great communication and very hardworking team!! (Tesla wall charger installation)
Kimberly S
Kimberly S
PPM Solar is a fantastic company with knowledgeable and professional employees! We worked with Nina to set up everything and appreciate her prompt and courteous communication. We had solar panels installed which included a garage wall charger for an electric vehicle. It seemed that running the cable through our attic was challenging, but they figured it all out and we are so grateful! The installers, Angel and Akeenen, even cleaned up after by vacuuming the garage! We appreciate their attention to detail and friendly service!
Thanks Power Production Management, for a job well done from start to finish. Extremely knowledgeable salesman, engineers, installers, front office coordinator's and owners. PPM keeps their personnel abreast with changes and updates in real time. My solar system looks and performs AMAZING! Great team! Thanks again
Doug Lobo
Doug Lobo
PPM Solar installed my roof-based solar system in the fall of 2020. I have had it up and running for well over a year and during this period my solar system has supplied 100% of my homes electricity needs, which includes a heated pool and spa and an electric car. In fact, I have had surplus power that I was able to get a credit back from FPL at the end of the year. The PPM folks who installed my solar system were conscientious, thorough, considerate, and extremely professional. Mark answered all my questions, and there were many, happily and patiently and offered me insightful feedback on the best systems available and my best options for getting the best system at the best price. In the end, I went with REC panels and Enphase microinverters. I liked the system so much that I bought stock in Enphase. I would highly recommend getting a solar system. I got a wonderful tax credit and PPM was able to connect me with the Clean Energy Credit Union, which financed my system at a very competitive interest rate. All in all, I would say do your homework and research because I did, and I found that PPM Solar offered me the best price on the best system and the entire process was seamless. I think if you are serious about installing a solar, then a call to PPM would be very prudent, and I know that you will be happy that you did.
Joe Abrams
Joe Abrams
Out of the 18 different solar companies/brokers I dealt with, PPM has been the most prompt and upfront on pricing, equipment and installation. They didn't have any hidden fees and were straightforward in every step of the procedure. They took care of everything from the permit to HOA to the utility company. Mike was always ready to clarify my doubts. Nina was prompt in sorting any issues and was great at coordinating. Omid did a wonderful job with the engineering side of things and April was very helpful with the monitoring app. Last but not the least, Hadley was very knowledgeable and ready to explain every single detail. There are hundreds of solar installers but people at PPM make sure its the best experience and makes you want to move to the solar route.

Smart service and support at every step

You will be guided and informed about every detail and update regarding your solar journey.
We take care of everything for you: design, permitting, installation, and inspection.
You will be able to see your system predicted and actual performance, as well as savings in real time.
We are here to support you with any questions you may have – before, during, and after the installation process.

Hard-Earned Credibility

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– State Certified Electrical and Solar Contractor’s License – CVC 56764, EC 13008767
BBB A+ Accredited
BBB A+ Accredited
Most Reviewed for multiple Years Running by Solar Reviews
Most Reviewed for multiple Years Running by Solar Reviews
Certified Small Business
Certified Small Business
By Alachua County
Gator 100 Honoree
Gator 100 Honoree
3-time Gator 100 Award Recipient
Solar Power World's 2021 Top Contractors List
Solar Power World’s 2021 Top Contractors List

Our clients include

UF Health
University of Florida
City of Gainesville
Gainesville Health & Fitness

Tax Credit is Extended!

That means additional TEN years for consumers to take advantage of this incredible tax credit program. And not only that – clients that install solar energy systems in 2022 get an increase from 26% to 30%! That’s a nice bonus — a whopping $1,500 for an average solar client!

The federal solar tax credit is currently set at 30%. It is, however, scheduled to decrease in 2033 from 30% down to 26% and from 26% to 22% in 2034. There has never been a better time to go solar!


Recent projects in our town

Gainesville, Florida
Gainesville Health & Fitness
Gainesville, Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your installation process and how long does it take?

Typical installation takes one day. Your total project turnaround time may depend on multiple factors and will be provided with your quote.

What financing options and incentives do I have?

While the price may vary based on your home specifics, we work with multiple banks to achieve the lowest possible monthly payment while providing a competitive interest rate. Your consultant will include approximate payment figures with your proposal, and there is no need for a credit inquiry.

How do I know if my home is a good candidate for solar?

Your roof orientation and slope, as well as the existing electrical infrastructure need to be assessed to identify your specific solution, solar system size, and ROI. Most homes with partial to no shade are good candidates for a solar system. If you are completely shaded, arrangements need to be made to provide for a sufficient solar window. We can help identify which trees would need to be trimmed or removed.

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