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PPM Solar Mission


At PPM Solar our Bold mission is challenging the status quo by providing exceptional solar solutions

At PPM Solar, we believe in challenging the status quo by providing exceptional solar solutions that not only reduce our environmental impact but also enhance the beauty and functionality of your property. We think differently by prioritizing the highest quality installations, design, and team development to ensure our customers receive the best possible experience.

Our goal is to revolutionize the way our community thinks about energy, and we achieve this by creating beautifully designed, simple-to-use, and user-friendly solar installations that are customized to meet our customers’ unique needs. We just happen to make great solar installations that make a positive impact on our environment and our community.

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Unlock the power of solar with PPM Solar and GRU! Take advantage now before it is too late—nearly half of circuits are already closed for new solar installations. Benefit from being part of PPM experienced team that has completed more installations than any other contractor in GRU territory, giving you the peace-of-mind on your journey to sustainable solar energy production. Start today and make sure your address still qualifies for Solar Enargy installation.


“We’ve worked very hard since 2009 to build an honest and reputable company and express deep gratitude for those who have trusted us with over 1000 of their projects.”

Alex Khokhlov

“I am excited about solar power because I believe that it is making a huge and positive difference in the way we power our lives. We appreciate our clients who share this vision and are making a clean energy future a reality for everyone.”

Jason Gonos

Our Guiding Principles for Achieving Our Mission as a Team at PPM Solar

Commitment to Excellence

We are dedicated to providing exceptional solar solutions and services to our customers. We prioritize the highest quality installations, design, and team development to ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations.


We are committed to creating a more sustainable future for our community. We believe in the power of solar energy to reduce our environmental impact and promote a cleaner, healthier planet.

Innovation Mindset

We embrace innovation and technology to continuously improve our solar solutions and services. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge solutions.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in everything we do. We are transparent, honest, and trustworthy in all of our interactions with our customers, partners, and team members.


We believe that teamwork is essential to achieving our mission. We work collaboratively, respect each other’s contributions, and support each other in achieving our goals.

Customer Focus

We put our customers at the center of everything we do. We listen to their needs, provide customized solutions, and prioritize their satisfaction with every aspect of our services.


We are committed to the longevity of our solar solutions, ensuring that they are designed to last for many years to come. We believe in investing in durable and high-quality materials to provide our customers with long-term value and peace of mind.


We value openness and transparency in all of our interactions. We encourage open communication and are always willing to listen to feedback from our customers, partners, and team members. We believe that openness leads to stronger relationships and better outcomes for all.


Leading local comunity to the cleaner future

Customer Focus: Provide tailored solar solutions and exceptional services that meet customers’ unique needs and exceed expectations.

Economic Mission: Promote sustainable financial growth while making clean energy as affordable as fossil fuels and benefitting local partners and communities.

Social Mission: Create a positive impact on the environment and society by driving innovation in clean energy adoption.

Product Mission: Drive down the cost of clean energy through technological innovation and provide the most advanced and effective solar products on the market.


Here’s what drives us in our mission every day:

  1. Environmental Stewardship: We are driven by our commitment to protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions by promoting the adoption of clean energy.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: We strive to exceed customer expectations and provide exceptional service by delivering tailored solar solutions that meet their unique needs and preferences.
  3. Innovation: We are passionate about driving innovation in the solar industry by constantly exploring new ways to improve our products and services, and by developing innovative tools to make clean energy more accessible and affordable.
  4. Social Responsibility: We believe that promoting the adoption of clean energy is not just a business opportunity, but a social responsibility. We are driven to create a positive impact on society by making clean energy more accessible and affordable to all, and by promoting environmental sustainability.
Trees Grown for 15 Years
54,552,797 ?
Fewer Miles Driven
8,189,328,777 ?
Fewer Pounds of Coal Burned
3,650,281,441 ?

Hard-Earned Credibility

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– State Certified Electrical and Solar Contractor’s License – CVC 56764, EC 13008767
BBB A+ Accredited
BBB A+ Accredited
Most Reviewed for multiple Years Running by Solar Reviews
Most Reviewed for multiple Years Running by Solar Reviews
Certified Small Business
Certified Small Business
By Alachua County
Gator 100 Honoree
Gator 100 Honoree
3-time Gator 100 Award Recipient
Solar Power World's 2021 Top Contractors List
Solar Power World’s 2021 Top Contractors List

Our commercial clients include

UF Health
University of Florida
City of Gainesville
Gainesville Health & Fitness
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