How Do Solar Panels Work During The Rainy Season

How Solar Panels Work During The Rain

What happens to your solar system when it rains?

One doesn’t have to live in Florida for very long to discover that afternoon tropical storms can arise almost without warning.

Daily Florida summer thunderstorms crop up because of interactions involving sunlight, the ocean, the atmosphere, landforms, and other factors.

These rain events can sometimes be so intense that road traffic can come to a complete standstill because visibility is diminished to nearly zero.

Everyone knows that a solar energy system sometimes referred to as PV (photovoltaic) arrays, needs sunlight to operate. So, if it’s raining or cloudy, do solar panels still generate power?

Solar panels on cloudy days do still produce energy. However, the decreasing output of power to sunlight remains. Yes, a solar system’s “amount of electricity generated” lowers during rain or clouds. However, the system still generates energy.

Solar panels are waterproof components, so one does not have to be concerned with water damage. In fact, hard rain can be beneficial by naturally washing away dust and pollen. Regular showers help keep the panels clean. But, experts still suggest washing with mild soap and water about once a year.

Before PPM Solar installs a solar energy system, the site is examined by experts to ensure the location of the solar PV array is configured to meet the highest possible energy production. We use state-of-the-art software that already considers estimated annual cloud coverage. This way, solar panels on cloudy days are already accounted for in the yearly solar exposure calculation.

So, bring on those rainy afternoon Florida rainfalls! It only helps the system to remain cleaner and more productive during direct sunlight hours.

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Will I run out of electricity during rainy days? 

Most solar energy PV systems are grid-tied, meaning that the array remains connected to your electric utility company as Net Metering.

Being grid-tied allows the system to produce power that the home or business can immediately use and send any excess energy back to the utility for others to consume. 

The process ensures enough electricity is available on the electric grid, even during cloudy and rainy days, to meet power consumption needs.

Use battery storage to save extra energy

Adding a battery backup system, such as Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge, provides power during a complete power outage of the utility grid.

A backup battery system automatically recharges from the sunlight, stores the energy, and is operational during power outages. Although backup battery systems are not required, a system can provide peace of mind knowing that uninterrupted power is always ready.

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