PPM Staff Spotlight – Gabrielle Hoefar, Customer Advocate

Gabby, The Heartbeat of Customer Care Experience

At PPM Solar, we take pride in our specialized and credible team that always puts our customers first. Among the stars that shine the brightest is Gabrielle Hoefar, endearingly known to most as Gabby. She wears the esteemed title of Customer Advocate with agility and dedication. Gabby’s story with PPM Solar isn’t just about her official designation but the unique bond she shares with our customers.

Relationships Beyond Just Installation

The transition to solar energy is about more than efficient technology. It’s about the people who make this voyage smooth for others. With her ambitious vision and loyal commitment, Gabby is undoubtedly one of those incredible individuals planted deeply in meaningful care. 

Gabby’s role at PPM Solar is significant. As the Customer Advocate, she isn’t simply an employee overseeing solar installations. She’s the connection between PPM and our customers. When a household decides to make the bold step of installing solar energy, Gabby guides them through their transition. She is responsible for building consistent communication channels and memorable relationships with PPM residential solar customers and communicating project milestones. Gabby’s forward-thinking approach ensures every customer’s experience is easy, coherent, and understandable.

From the inception of a residential solar project to its culmination, she keeps a pulse on each project’s progress and keeps customers informed. Gabby believes that “ensuring that a customer’s care is thorough – throughout the pathway of installing a premium product – is effective and noteworthy,” she told me. She added, “A well-informed and satisfied customer will remember the excellent treatment.”

A wealth of previous experience and unwavering dedication backs Gabby’s tenure as a Customer Advocate at PPM Solar. Her commitment to excellence solidified in her near-decade of service with “8 1 1, Call Before You Dig” in Oklahoma. Whether navigating the intricacies of installations or addressing customer expectations, Gabby seamlessly handles every aspect, ensuring clients remain informed and pleased at every step.

At PPM Solar, we cherish lasting relationships beyond installation. It’s a core value for us. Gabby leads the way, providing ongoing support and care throughout the journey.

The PPM team has repeatedly highlighted how Gabby’s professional yet approachable demeanor has impacted them and our customers.

The Future is Bright with Gabby

Gabby’s loyalty and dedication to her role as a Customer Advocate at PPM Solar shine brightly. With a previous decade of experience at “8 1 1” under her belt, her commitment to service and excellence for a new career in solar is unwavering. But beyond her professional prowess lies a heart deeply rooted in family and personal connections. 

Having transitioned from the bustling streets of Oklahoma City to a new home in Florida only a year ago, Gabby cherishes the moments with her husband and three children. This blend of professional dedication and personal warmth truly sets her apart.

Gabby is a testament to the fact that in the world of green energy, it’s not just about technology but the people driving it.

As PPM Solar continues to illuminate the path forward in the renewable energy sector, with Gabby steering our customer care, we’re offering a promise – an informative, enriching experience for all our customers.

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