PPM Staff Spotlight – Jonathan Handley, Warehouse & Solar Installer

In this month’s spotlight, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Jonathan Handley, a standout PPM Solar installation crew member in Gainesville, Florida. Jonathan is a budding entrepreneur, a family man, and an embodiment of energy and drive. 

“The brotherhood of solar is stronger with his aid!”

Jeremiah Handley, Senior Installer

A Seamless Transition

Starting in the warehouse here at PPM Solar, Jonathan quickly proved his worth, demonstrating not just an aptitude for the logistical aspects of the business but also a keen interest in the broader mission of solar energy. “I started out in the warehouse at PPM as an associate and then became the warehouse manager. Shortly after that, I moved over into the installer crew,” Jonathan shared, highlighting the seamless transition that PPM Solar facilitated for him.

The transition from the warehouse to field installations was a step that Jonathan found both challenging and rewarding. He noted, “I liked learning new things, and moving into an installer position allowed me to do that.” This move wasn’t just a change in job roles – it was a significant step towards fulfilling his growing interest in renewable energy and his commitment, he says.

“It’s cool to see the bigger systems and how they all work out,” he says, reflecting on his pleasure working on residential and commercial installations. This transition has not only pleased him professionally by aligning more closely with his interests and aspirations but has also offered him a broader perspective on the impact of solar energy. 

Jonathan expressed profound respect for PPM Solar’s leadership; Alex Khokhlov and Jason Gonos, co-owners of PPM Solar. He admires their business acumen and appreciates the supportive and positive work environment they’ve cultivated. 

Jonathan’s Community Roots and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Having grown up in Gainesville, Jonathan’s roots run deep in the community. In fact, Jonathan also owns a small business offering “pressure washing, primarily,” he says. 

From warehouse to installations, Jonathan’s position reflects his love for solar energy and dedication to our mission. His deep Gainesville roots and entrepreneurial spirit shine, making him a cherished member of our team and community. Here’s to Jonathan, a true solar enthusiast and a vital part of our family at PPM Solar!

“Jonathan’s enthusiasm and help at the Frog Song Spring Festival were invaluable, embodying the spirit of teamwork and community engagement.”

Hadley Price, Local Marketing Manager
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