PPM Staff Spotlight – Dylan Pennington, Installation Specialist

Dylan Pennington, Solar Installation Specialist at PPM Solar

From Masonry to Solar Energy

At PPM Solar, we recognize and celebrate our team members’ diverse paths. This month, we deliver our Staff Spotlight on Dylan Pennington, whose career path brought him from masonry to the solar energy sector.

“Dylan is a trusted, tried, and true worker. His natural leadership skills and hard work ethic make him a great asset to the team and a good friend.”

Jeremiah Handley – Solar Installer

Precision, Patience, and Techniques Matter

Before joining PPM Solar, Dylan Pennington laid his foundation in masonry and concrete work, where he says he discovered the satisfaction of constructing durable structures that “demand precision, patience, and a deep understanding of materials and techniques.” This background in building strong and stable structures in masonry gave Dylan a deep appreciation for the intricacies and attention to detail needed in solar array installation.

Like in masonry, Dylan found that solar installation calls for an unwavering commitment to precision, where distinction and an understanding of techniques are paramount. 

Mastering the Craft, Dylan’s Role at PPM Solar

In his current role at PPM Solar, Dylan runs the roof, which entails various tasks, including laying out solar panels, installing feet and rails, wiring up the solar deck, and managing the combiner boxes. He has been learning on the job and is working on increasing his efficiency while maintaining quality. He mentioned explicitly learning various techniques to make his work more efficient without compromising the quality of the installation.

Dylan aspires to become an electrician. He recognizes the importance of education and intends to pursue formal training to become a certified electrition specializing in solar PV systems. He wants his career to center around solar energy. 

Dylan’s dedication to advancing solar energy and his innovative approach to challenges have significantly contributed to the growth and success of our company. Dylan’s ability to foster a collaborative and positive work environment shines through his excellence and character in mastering the craft.

“He arrives each morning with an uplifting energy, leading the team’s enthusiasm with his positive attitude… he challenges us to work hard and efficiently to complete jobs on time while maintaining quality.”

Justin Reed – Crew Leader

Balancing Family, Leisure, and Solar Energy Passion

Family plays a central role in Dylan’s life. In fact, his grandmother was once a PPM Solar employee. He says being closer to his family in Florida has provided him with a much-appreciated personal support system. His interests include going to the beach, enjoying music, and playing football. These activities provide him with a well-rounded life outside of work.

As we celebrate Dylan’s accomplishments, we wholeheartedly support and look forward to the future he envisions. Dylan is a shining example of how individual dedication can create a meaningful impact, and we are incredibly proud to have him as part of our team. Here’s to Dylan, a true asset to PPM Solar and the renewable energy sector.

”Without a doubt, I can expect s smile and kind word from Dylan around the office in the early hours of a workday.”

Hadley Price – Local Marketing Manager
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