PPM Staff Spotlight – Dasha Klymenko, Digital Marketing Manager

In this month’s Staff Spotlight, we are delighted to shine a well-deserved light on Dasha Klymenko, the brilliant Digital Marketing Manager at PPM Solar. Despite abruptly fleeing to the United Kingdom due to the war and her Ukrainian citizenship, Dasha seamlessly carries out her responsibilities and collaborates remotely with PPM’s Gainesville, Florida office. With her exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and impressive journey in the world of digital marketing, Dasha plays a vital role in propelling PPM Solar’s success.

From Teaching to Digital Marketing

Dasha’s path toward digital marketing was noteworthy. After completing high school, she initially pursued her passion for teaching English. However, a yearning for something beyond the traditional career led her to explore the blossoming field of global digital marketing from Ukraine. Eager to delve deeper into this exciting domain, Dasha embarked on a new journey to Finland, where she worked as a barista to fund her digital marketing course studies.

Dasha began her career with a diploma in digital marketing and a wealth of knowledge gained from extensive coursework. Initially, she took on clients for Facebook advertising and eventually joined a digital agency in Ukraine as a PPC Specialist.

Dasha’s pursuits ultimately led her to PPM Solar in 2021, where she found the perfect confluence of her values and professional aspirations. PPM Solar’s commitment to environmental consciousness resonated deeply with Dasha, and she was captivated by the company’s close-knit, family-like atmosphere. She affirms that the inclusive and supportive culture nurtured by the PPM Solar team and owners significantly fostered this connection. Dasha reflects, “Despite the miles that separate us, I feel a deep camaraderie with the vibrant community of Gainesville, thanks to the warm embrace and encouragement I receive from my PPM Solar family.”

Aligning Values and Embracing Ownership at PPM Solar

As a Digital Marketing Manager, Dasha embraces her role with enthusiasm and ownership. Being part of a small marketing team, she appreciates the diverse tasks that come her way. Her responsibilities range from crafting compelling campaigns to optimizing marketing channels and ensuring a positive brand image for PPM Solar. Beyond the immediate scope of her work, Dasha firmly believes that a company’s brand encompasses all parties involved. With this mindset, she fosters enjoyable and productive relationships with everyone she encounters, striving to create a seamless and cohesive experience for all stakeholders.

Dasha’s notable achievements at PPM Solar testify to her skill and dedication. Among these achievements, the comprehensive rebranding campaign is a shining example of her collaborative spirit and ability to adapt quickly to significant changes. Dasha stipulates that the entire team embraced the challenge enthusiastically, resulting in a successful transformation propelling PPM Solar’s brand forward.

As a remote worker, Dasha has mastered the art of effective communication and collaboration. Despite the challenges of different time zones, she seamlessly adjusts her schedule to align with the company’s needs, often working during the evening to ensure a harmonious workflow. Weekly marketing meetings with the PPM Solar team, led by Alex Khokhlov and Hadley Price, provide her with a sense of connection and camaraderie, crucial aspects often overlooked in remote work arrangements. Dasha commends the well-structured communication channels within the team, enabling her to reach out to any team member and receive timely responses.

Embracing Balance and Exploration

Outside of work, Dasha finds balance and fulfillment in various activities. She starts her day with an invigorating gym session, setting the tone for a productive workday. Additionally, she indulges in her passion for baking, with a particular affinity for creating delectable treats. As a travel enthusiast, Dasha’s biggest dream is to explore as many places as possible. She embraces the opportunity to visit new countries at least twice a year, satisfying her curiosity and enriching her life experiences.

Dasha Klymenko’s Strength Amidst the War in Ukraine

Dasha Klymenko’s journey with PPM Solar encompasses significant contributions that have propelled the company’s growth. However, it is essential to acknowledge the harsh realities of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its impact on her personal and professional life, which further emphasizes the significance of this war on a global scale.

When the war broke out, Dasha and her husband faced the difficult decision of leaving their families behind and immigrating to the UK. At the same time, their hometown bore the devastating consequences of the conflict. Their journey from Ukraine to the UK was riddled with challenges and uncertainties, but they persevered.

“Dasha’s unwavering resilience amidst the heart-wrenching chaos in her homeland and the constant worry for her family’s safety has been truly remarkable,” shares Alex, co-owner of PPM Solar. “Her unwavering commitment to her work and unwavering dedication to her career aspirations are a testament to her exceptional strength of character.”

The upheaval in her personal life did not deter Dasha but fueled her determination. Her exceptional level of self-organization, motivation, and purpose-driven approach serves as an example for everyone. Her story is an inspiration not only to aspiring marketing professionals but also to all those facing challenging circumstances, highlighting the indomitable spirit of the human soul.

As we at PPM Solar express our gratitude for the privilege to work alongside Dasha Klymenko, our Marketing Manager, we invite all readers of this spotlight to honor her journey by taking a step to contribute to This organization supports children affected by the war in Ukraine, providing non-lethal assistance in the face of an unjust and brutal war that demands our attention and action.

The Power of Dedication

Dasha Klymenko’s journey as a Digital Marketing Manager at PPM Solar exemplifies the power of dedication, continuous learning, and a deep connection to one’s work. Her unwavering commitment, passion for innovation, and collaborative spirit make her an invaluable asset to PPM Solar’s success and the best possible journey for customers going solar.

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