PPM Staff Spotlight – Frank Touchton, Service Manager

In this month’s Staff Spotlight, we highlight the accomplishments of Frank Touchton, Service Manager at PPM Solar in Gainesville, Florida. Frank’s devotion to quality, his vast knowledge of solar energy, and his commitment to customer satisfaction have played a vital role in the success of PPM Solar. With a forward-thinking mindset and a passion for a greener future, Frank ensures that solar energy systems installed by PPM Solar are operating at their utmost potential, even amid unexpected breakdowns.

Frank Touchton – Ensuring Reliability of Solar Energy

Frank Touchton makes his mark in the solar energy industry as the Service Manager at PPM Solar. His journey into the world of solar energy began with a bold decision to explore a career path that would satisfy his thirst for knowledge and positively impact the environment. With a background in electrical work and a High Honors High School Graduate, Frank’s expertise and passion for solar energy have driven his successful career. “I find it most rewarding and fulfilling knowing that I help contribute to customers producing their own electricity,” he says.

A commitment to continuous learning and professional development has marked Frank Touchton’s entry into the electrical industry. He kick-started his career by attending the IBEW Apprenticeship in Jacksonville, a comprehensive program that provided him with hands-on training and theoretical knowledge in electrical work. Then, moving to Gainesville, he enrolled in the Electrical Construction Apprenticeship program at Santa Fe College. These programs offer advanced training in electrical systems, safety protocols, and emerging technologies. 

Apprenticeship programs are crucial to Frank’s effectiveness as the Service Manager at PPM Solar. The knowledge and expertise gained through these programs allow him to efficiently troubleshoot and address any challenges in residential and commercial solar installations. Frank’s excellence significantly contributes to PPM Solar’s reputation as a reliable and cutting-edge solar installation company in Gainesville, Florida.

Frank Touchton’s Impact at PPM Solar

According to his colleagues, Frank strives for excellence. He knows the importance of providing the fastest response to a challenge begins with prompt communication. “I appreciate how great his communication has been with the customers and the office staff,” says Rachel Crews, the Residential Coordinator for PPM Solar, adding that he does a terrific job managing the service workload. Alex Khokhlov, co-owner of PPM, praised Frank, saying, “his versatility and expertise make him an extremely valuable player on the PPM team, and his contagiously great attitude makes him a pleasure to work with.”

Pursuit of Balance and Family Time

When Frank is not working on solar energy systems, he actively spends time with his wife and family on the water, enjoying swimming and fishing. Or one may find him helping his brothers complete various jobs. And, as he emphatically pointed out, relaxing with his cat Koda.

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