PPM Solar Staff Spotlight – Jeremiah Handley, Solar Installer

Jeremiah Handley: Invaluable Service & Industry Excellence

Jeremiah Handley, an exceptional Solar Installer at PPM Solar in Gainesville, Florida, has earned this month’s Staff Spotlight for his unwavering dedication and outstanding service to the company. He is responsible for installing solar panels, wiring up electrical boxes, and taps to the main electrical panel. He has earned recognition for his steadfast dedication to quality and exceptional service to the company. His commitment to his education and craft is evident in his pursuit of a certificate from the Electrical Construction Apprenticeship program at Santa Fe College while working with PPM. With exceptional skills and knowledge in electrical construction and solar energy installation, Jeremiah has become an invaluable asset to PPM Solar and its customers. He has surpassed the company’s requirements for their staff installers, demonstrating his exceptional commitment to his craft.

In addition to his electrical apprenticeship, Jeremiah earlier received his Associate’s degree from Santa Fe Community College in Business Administration. This degree has significantly improved his understanding of business-to-customer communications. “I’ve learned the importance of polite and informative interaction with customers to help them better understand the solar installation process,” says Jeremiah. His degree has helped him on the job site while interacting with customers and installing their solar energy systems. Jeremiah’s ability to effectively communicate with customers and understand their needs has dramatically contributed to PPM Solar’s excellent customer service reputation. His education has allowed him to apply his knowledge of business administration principles to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure that PPM Solar continues to provide exceptional service to its customers.

Jeremiah’s hard work and dedication to quality installations, safety, and customer satisfaction have not gone unnoticed at PPM Solar. As an outstanding team member, Jeremiah has set a shining example of excellence in the solar energy industry. He has exceeded the company’s requirements for staff installers, showing his unwavering dedication to the highest standards. PPM Solar proudly supports him through the Sante Fe Apprenticeship program and recognizes Jeremiah’s exceptional commitment and service. He continues to be an invaluable part of the company’s commitment to excellence in the industry.

Excellence Empowers Personal Growth

Jeremiah’s dedication to his education and commitment to workplace safety has made him an invaluable member of PPM Solar’s team, and he is on track to become a solar installation Crew Lead. His exceptional work ethic and commitment to quality installations ensure that customers receive the best possible service and are satisfied with their solar panel installation. As Jeremiah continues to pursue his Electrical Construction Apprenticeship program certificate in partnership with PPM, his knowledge and skills in the solar energy industry will undoubtedly increase, making him even more valuable to the company. Jeremiah’s invaluable service to PPM Solar has cemented his position as a respected and skilled installer in the solar energy industry. His dedication and hard work will continue to contribute to the company’s success.

“I enjoy working with the entire crew, making sure that the solar panels are secure, operate at peak, and are in as perfect alignment as possible – to look great!” says Jeremiah. His commitment to excellence extends beyond just getting the job done right and ensuring that the finished product is aesthetically pleasing. He takes great care in installing solar panels with excellent alignment and accuracy of component placement. Jeremiah understands that not only should the solar panels function correctly, but they should also look good and enhance the property’s appearance. He is meticulous in his work, ensuring that every detail is considered, from the precise penetration of walls or roofs when needed to the final placement of the panels. This dedication to the job’s technical and aesthetic aspects is a testament to Jeremiah’s professionalism and commitment to delivering high-quality work.

Solar Installation Training Ensures Quality & Safety

PPM Solar in Gainesville, Florida, has built a reputation for providing high-quality solar panel installations that residential and business customers can appreciate. The company ensures quality by hiring experienced and skilled staff members like Jeremiah, who is eager to receive training from reputable programs such as the Electrical Construction Apprenticeship program at Santa Fe College. The Santa Fe program provides hands-on training in electrical theory, installation, and maintenance, essential skills for efficiently and safely installing solar energy systems. By hiring staff members to participate in the program, PPM Solar can ensure that their installations are of the highest caliber and that customers receive the best possible service.

Safety is of utmost importance on each job site. Jeremiah was recently part of the crew installing solar panels when the job site underwent a Workers’ Comp Audit – Safety Activity Review. The review assessed PPM Solar’s safety program. It determined that it was exemplary, citing the company’s written safety program, new hiring training, weekly documented safety meetings, a fall protection program, and maintaining supervision on site. This review is a testament to PPM Solar’s commitment to the safety of its employees and customers, and it is something that Jeremiah takes pride in as a staff installer.

During the Workers’ Comp Audit – Safety Activity Review, the auditor noticed several aspects of PPM Solar’s safety program in practice on the job site. These safety measures included good housekeeping, the use of fall protection and tied-off ladders, on-site supervision, the availability of drinking water, and the implementation of safe work practices. Jeremiah emphasized the importance of safety on the worksite, stating, “we as a team work together to ensure the worksite is safe for the crew and our customers.” These practices are crucial to ensuring the safety of PPM Solar’s employees and customers during solar panel installations.

Jeremiah prioritizes safety to ensure that PPM Solar’s staff installers and homeowners are well cared for during installation. He practices good housekeeping to keep the installation area free of hazards that may cause injury or damage, providing homeowners with peace of mind. Jeremiah also ensures that workers use fall protection and tied-off ladders to prevent falls and reduce the risk of injuries. On-site supervision is another crucial aspect that provides the job is done correctly and safely for everyone involved.

Jeremiah also ensures that all electrical connections and components are properly grounded and installed according to code. He takes the time to explain the installation process to homeowners, addressing any concerns they may have and answering their questions. He also feels confident knowing that PPM Solar maintains the highest level of liability insurance to cover staff and customers.

Team Member Comments

Positive teamwork and collaboration within PPM Solar are essential to the company’s success, and Jeremiah is a valued team member who embodies these values. According to Monty Harris, PPM’s Warehouse Manager, Jeremiah’s positive attitude is a significant asset to the team, and his hard work and knowledge make him an invaluable team member. It is not uncommon to hear Jeremiah singing classic hit songs from the 50s, 60s, or 70s while loading materials at the PPM warehouse at 7:00 am to keep his mind peaceful, which shows his dedication to maintaining a positive and focused atmosphere, according to Harris.

Jason Gonos, Co-owner of PPM Solar, also praises Jeremiah’s consistency, reliability, and dedication to getting the job done right. Jeremiah’s contributions are a perfect example of the teamwork and collaboration that PPM Solar values. The company understands that each team member brings unique skills and strengths; working together can achieve great things.

According to Dave Griffis, Residential Solar Manager of PPM Solar, Jeremiah is an exceptional team player who demonstrates a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and willingness to help others when needed. He is punctual, reliable, and consistently works hard to achieve his goals. Furthermore, Jeremiah’s intelligence and ability to learn quickly make him a valuable asset to the team. Dave Griffis’s comments indicate that Jeremiah is a highly skilled and dedicated individual committed to delivering excellent results in his work.

Personal Creativity & Hobbies

Jeremiah is a musician with a passion for playing the keyboard. He spends personal time working on music and refining his playing technique. It brings him a great deal of personal satisfaction and peace. Playing the keyboard is a form of creative expression for him.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Jeremiah enjoys target shooting. While it may seem like an unlikely hobby for a musician, target shooting provides him with a different type of release. It requires focus, precision, and concentration, which can be incredibly therapeutic. For Jeremiah, target shooting is a way to clear his mind and release tension.

Final Words of Gratitude

Jeremiah’s contribution to the PPM team is highly valued, especially as a member of the installation team. He has shown a solid commitment to helping customers go solar, and his expertise in the field has been instrumental in ensuring efficient and visually-pleasing solar installations. Jeremiah is a dependable and diligent worker with a positive attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile in every job he does. His attention to detail and ability to work well under pressure make him a valuable team asset. Thank you, Jeremiah!

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