PPM Staff Spotlight – Justin Reed, Crew Leader

Justin Reed joined PPM Solar a few years ago when a friend recommended applying with the company. He began his service as the Warehouse Manager and soon grew into his current position as Crew Lead of the PV installation team.

Justin immediately began to enhance his career by entering the Electrical Construction Apprenticeship program of Santa Fe College, Gainesville, FL – a four-year program of classroom studies in conjunction with on-the-job training designed to prepare him for tradesmen status two years from now. He also attended the University of Central Florida with a focus on Interdisciplinary Studies.

Installing solar energy systems is rewarding and essential, says Justin. “Installing a system – then stepping back and looking at what energy it will produce changes our world and lives,” he says. These are the key reasons he loves his line of work.

“He’s always determined to get the job done right” is a phrase often heard to describe Justin. This distinguished description of Justin is so prevalent throughout the organization that this writer could only determine it is an innate characteristic of this month’s PPM Solar Crew Spotlight.

Justin is an enormous asset to the company, proclaims Jason Gonos, PPM Solar co-owner. “I can trust that he will do what he says. He is a joy to be around and has an incredible attitude,” stated Gonos. Others also exclaimed that Justin is a “great crew leader who demonstrates patience and responsibility within the crew. We can always count on him to follow through.”

A member of two bands in Gainesville, Florida, Justin is also an accomplished musician entertaining his fans on drums and guitar at various venues. “Music is my passion, too,” he said, explaining that it is fun and gratifying.

PPM Solar is proud to have Justin on staff. As a vital member of the company, his kindhearted spirit and determination for success are prevalent in each of his solar installations. He is truly an asset to the team.

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