PPM Staff Spotlight – Linda Handley, Financial Controller

Linda Handley, PPM Solar’s Financial Controller, is an indispensable team member with a wealth of experience gained from working for a CPA firm during high school and college and running her own service business for over a decade. Linda brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to her role that is essential for ensuring the financial strength of PPM Solar. Her attention to detail and ability to organize financial information, develop plans to manage budgets, and forecast future financial needs are essential to PPM’s success.

Linda’s contributions to PPM Solar as its Financial Controller are immeasurable. Her solar system installation process knowledge, exceptional organizational skills, and financial management expertise make her an essential team member. Her ability to help manage the company’s financial operations and coordinate the purchase of supplies and solar components is critical for PPM Solar’s continued success in providing sustainable and affordable energy solutions to its customers. Linda said she aims to “be able to contribute both short and long term to the financial well-being of PPM Solar.”

PPM Solar is committed to providing its customers with sustainable and affordable energy solutions, and Linda’s role is critical in achieving this mission. With her knowledge of accounting principles, financial forecasting, and budget management, she helps ensure that PPM Solar remains fiscally steady and can offer customers competitive pricing on solar installations. Her contributions to the company’s financial health directly impact PPM Solar’s ability to continue providing high-quality solar solutions to its customers at market-competitive pricing.

In short, Linda Handley is a vital member of the PPM Solar team whose dedication and expertise in financial management ensure the stability and growth of the company. Her contributions are essential to the company’s mission of providing its Florida customers with sustainable and affordable solar energy solutions.

From Numbers to Solar Energy, Linda’s Contributions

Linda Handley’s excellent executive skills are a cornerstone of her success as PPM Solar’s Financial Controller. She expertly coordinates with the residential and commercial project managers, warehouse manager, and operations director to ensure the smooth purchase of supplies and solar components. Her knowledge of solar system installation and components helps ensure that the appropriate materials are ordered at the right time so that projects are completed on time and within budget. Her ability to manage multiple aspects of the business simultaneously is an invaluable asset to PPM Solar, making her a key contributor to the company’s success.

In addition to her work coordinating the purchase of supplies and solar components, Linda is also responsible for managing payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Her attention to detail and strong work ethic ensure that all financial transactions post accurately and that the company’s financial operations run smoothly. Her financial management and accounting principles expertise is vital for the company’s financial health and stability.

Staff Praise Linda’s Demeanor

Linda Handley’s professionalism, knowledge, and exceptional skills as PPM Solar’s Financial Controller are matched only by her warmth and humor. Her friendly and approachable demeanor has earned the admiration and respect of the entire PPM team. Linda’s love of her Tesla car is well known around the office, but she never lets her enthusiasm for life’s pleasures distract her from the task at hand. Her focus and dedication to her work are unwavering, making her an inspiring role model for everyone around her.

Janet Westberry, PPM Solar’s HR Manager, speaks highly of Linda’s contributions to the company. Janet says, “She is very dedicated and can see an issue from a macro perspective, giving PPM Solar’s management insight they might not otherwise have. Linda’s expertise in financial management and accounting principles enables her to provide valuable insights and recommendations that have helped PPM Solar grow and thrive as a company. Her contributions are essential to PPM Solar’s success, and she is an invaluable asset to the team.”

Co-Founder of PPM, Alex Khokhlov, says of Linda: “Linda has demonstrated commitment and dedication to her team over and over again, through thin and thick, and has maintained her perspective and passion for the health, prosperity, and longevity of our organization.“

Linda Handley’s Hobbies Align with PPM Solar’s Values

When Linda Handley is not busy working as PPM Solar’s Financial Controller, she enjoys a variety of hobbies and activities. Linda is an avid seamstress, quilter, and embroiderer, finding great satisfaction in creating beautiful and intricate works of art. She is also an herbalist, using her knowledge of plants and natural remedies to promote health and wellness. Additionally, Linda is passionate about hydroponics, experimenting with different techniques for growing plants in water. Her hobbies reflect her commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious living, which is also a core value of PPM Solar. Linda’s diverse interests and dedication to her hobbies make her a well-rounded individual and a respected, valuable member of the PPM Solar team.

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