PPM Staff Spotlight – Omid Ahmadi, Operations Manager

Due to the intricate and detailed procedure of installing top-quality solar energy systems, an Operations Manager’s diligent coordination and leadership of overall business functions are crucial for PPM Solar and our hundreds of residential and commercial customers. The role demands unwavering commitment, advanced technical knowledge, a drive to succeed, patience, and the ability to harmonize an entire team of engineers, designers, electricians, warehouse staff, installation crews, and customer service staff. Here at PPM Solar, we are blessed to have the best, Omid Ahmadi.

Omid’s parents fled from Afghanistan to Iran, where Omid was born. Omid grew up there but was considered a refugee due to his parent’s Afghanistan citizenship status. So he aspired to emigrate to a free country through the United Nations refugee program.

As a young man in Iran, Omid became interested in computers and worked tenaciously to acquire Microsoft MCSE and Network+ IT training certifications. Armed with these new credentials, Omid migrated to the United States and began his journey of freedom to build a more promising life and career. “It wasn’t necessarily easy in the beginning,” says Omid. “I worked various jobs to improve my abilities and grow.” He added, “meeting Alex and Jason (the owners of PPM Solar) changed everything. They hired me to perform IT functions but also prompted me to learn about solar installations.”

And indeed, Omid did learn solar, acquiring certifications from Tesla, Enphase, SMA, Sunpower, and SolarEdge – accelerating his career to his current position of Operations Manager.

“Having Omid on the PPM team makes a huge difference. His enthusiasm, positive energy, and ability to get the job done right without compromising quality is a win for our customers and PPM,” according to Alex Khokhlov, co-owner of PPM Solar.

Jason Gonos, also a co-owner, says, “Omid is the rock at PPM. He brings an incredible attitude and kindness to whatever he does. I admire his attitude and strive to be like him. Sometimes in difficult situations, I ask myself – “how would Omid handle this?”

Coworker Monty Harris says, “Omid is truly a PPM centerpiece. His knowledge, attention to detail, dedication, integrity, easygoing attitude, and character is second to none.”

Today Omid is an expert in residential and commercial installations and solar design. He interfaces with multiple PPM departments and utility companies to bring solar energy to customers across Florida. This writer had a first-hand opportunity to see his attention to detail while accompanying him on finalized installation walkthroughs with customers.

Although Omid is hard-working, he is also known to have fresh fruit or other delights in his office for anyone. So stop by sometime and say “Hi.”

Omid, your dedication is outstanding, and we at PPM Solar celebrate your freedom with you. We desire only the best future for you in solar!

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