PPM Solar Staff Spotlight – Rachel Crews, Customer Service

Rachel Crews, Customer Service

Rachel Crews: A Rising Ray of Customer Service Excellence 

At PPM Solar, exceptional customer service means the willingness to go beyond meeting our customer’s basic needs. And it involves considerably more than delivering support in a timely and pleasant manner. More importantly, it means doing everything possible so our customers are not merely satisfied – they are delighted to select PPM as their solar energy company in Florida. With several years of technical support and a ray of charm, Rachel Crews recently joined PPM as Customer Service Advocate, listening closely to customer needs, understanding each situation thoroughly, and identifying practical solutions PPM customers value.

Inside Sales, Technical Support & Administration

Diversification of skillset and the agile ability to determine an appropriate action plan through creative thinking describes the daily considerations Rachel Crews provides each customer. Her technical support background, administrative experience, and sales knowledge translate into a delightful solution for office personnel, installation crew members, and customers. Likewise, Rachel’s rapidly expanding understanding of solar equipment and solar installation workflow contributes to the operational precision necessary for exceptional customer service.

Reassuring Spirit & Calmness Prevails

We all know receiving another expensive utility bill spoils your mood and increases your anxiety. Going solar is the answer – having your own solar energy system provides peace of mind by decreasing power costs into predictable, lower expenses. However, even to the most competent customer – comprehending the process of electrical permitting, designing the appropriate size of the solar system, coordinating the installation crew, and meeting local government regulations can be complicated. Rachel strives to be available to answer those questions and to explain each step clearly and concisely. So call or swing by the PPM Solar office anytime you have a question. With a smile and calming voice, she is eager to help.

Team Members Comments

An ability to absorb complex technical and procedural knowledge is essential when assisting customers in seeking support or answers to detailed questions about going solar. PPM Solar’s Residential Project Coordinator, Remy Dube, counts on Rachel to administer assistance. According to Remy, “Rachel has been a sponge to all the knowledge that’s blasted at her since the moment she arrived – genuinely caring for clients as a strong advocate, and she knows how to adapt to any situation presented. She’s always a joy to be around and is always willing to help.”

Rachel’s Impact at PPM Solar

Striving to be a positive force to assist customers and colleagues, Rachel enthusiastically dives directly into her daily responsibilities. Her focus is helping customers finish their projects, answering PPM Customers’ questions, and helping other staff members. “I enjoy working with the staff here. Everyone has essential roles in their department, but we all work together to solve a problem or help a customer,” she says. “Our customers are eager to get involved in the process, have patience, and genuinely wish to learn about their solar energy system. Whether it’s about an installation date, when a permit will be ready, or when their utility company will install their meter – I do my best to give them the best answer I can at the time.” That is why Rachel’s impact and eagerness to provide solutions have her on track to transition into a PPM Solar Administrative Project Coordinator.

Importance of Downtime

Expecting her second child this coming fall, Rachel stays busy outside of the PPM office too. Originally from Cape Coral, Florida, she enjoys visiting family there as often as possible with her four-year-old son – boating or relaxing oceanside. “The ocean revitalizes me,” she says. Congratulations from all of us at PPM Solar, Rachel.

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