PPM Staff Spotlight – Remy Dube, Project Administrator

Principled family values are the foundation for the respected person one wants to be – and a moral guide to one’s motivations and choices. And when a person has healthy personal values and morals for daily business, the results are lasting affinities that support a pathway of success for customers and coworkers. Remy Dube embodies these values in her day-to-day business interactions, affirming her as this month’s PPM Solar Staff Spotlight.

In 2020, Remy Dube received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida, specializing in Family, Youth, and Community Science. While attending UF, she worked as a professional intern for the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences – a partnership organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of human life. She also held positions as a Family Intermediate Coordinator for the Partnership for Strong Families, and she was a Preschool Teacher.

Remy joined PPM Solar in January 2022 as Office Assistant. Within a few months, she transitioned to Administrative Assistant. Her clerical skills and extraordinary ability to quickly learn complex logistics accelerated her to her current position as a Residential Project Coordinator, working directly with customers and staff to ensure timely residential solar energy installations in Gainesville and throughout Florida.

“I’m blown away every day by how kind and welcoming Remy is to customers and vendors and how she extends that same kindness to me and the rest of the staff. I couldn’t ask for a better office mate”, declares PPM Solar coworker Amie Thompson.

“Remy patiently answered all of my questions about the installation process,” said the owner of a new solar energy system to this writer during a recent site visit. She added, “I’m truly grateful to Remy for being patient with me.”

The PPM Solar office is a fast-paced environment requiring patience and a willingness to confront challenges head-on to succeed. Remy jumps directly into each project with a fresh perspective. “I genuinely enjoy helping others succeed,” said Reamy, as her vibrant and bubbly nature gleamed with satisfaction. She further touted the value of working with a team of experienced solar installation colleagues that have encouraged her along the way.

With enthusiasm, Remy proudly revealed photos of her acrylic painting projects. Very colorful scenes – painted on canvas, windows, and antiques. Other activities include kayaking or enjoying life with her dogs.

The PPM Solar team applauds you, Remy. Thank you for your outstanding help and customer care!

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