PPM Solar Staff Spotlight – Tony Harden, Solar installer

Tony Harden

Tony Harden: A Driving Force in Quality Solar Installations

At PPM Solar, we’re passionate about delivering top-quality, visually stunning solar energy systems that are installed with precision and care. Tony Harden is one of our best Solar Installers, who embodies this spirit, exhibiting unwavering commitment, a keen eye for detail, and boundless enthusiasm for his work. He’s a valuable member of our team, known for his competence, loyalty, and dedication to always doing the job right.

From Automotive Detailing to Construction and Sanitizing Infrastructure

Before joining PPM, Tony owned a mobile automotive detailing company, providing on-site vehicle cleaning and polishing services. His trustworthy reputation for ensuring excellent service gained him the status of working for many of Gainesville, Florida’s professional clientele. He also worked for the Newberry, Florida water department performing construction, pipe installations, and sanitization operations.

Elevating Solar Installations with Expert Craftsmanship

Tony is a competent and loyal team member with a focus on detail and a passion for performing his job in an artful fashion. His ability to focus on subtle detail and passion for installing top-quality, aesthetically pleasing solar energy systems make him an asset to the PPM Solar team.

Team Thoughts on Tony

Excitement exudes from Tony on the job site and at home, according to Monty Harris, PPM Solar’s Warehouse manager. “I’ve witnessed Tony lead the charge on many projects, and his job knowledge is very impressive. The most remarkable thing about Tony Harden is his passion for his family, wife, and kids, which he holds in the highest regard.”

Co-owner Jason Gonos says about Tony, “He has embraced solar and has become a very strong and valuable member of the residential crew. I know he cares about his work and performance, and I am glad to know and have him on the crew.”

Tony’s Impact at PPM Solar

In his role as Solar Installer with PPM, Tony starts the day early at the warehouse, gathering materials and components for installing residential solar PV energy systems. With precision, he ensures each solar panel is aligned and connected for a clean and ideal performance on each job. His construction and leadership background places him on the path to becoming a Crew Lead with PPM.

A Dedicated Family Man

Tony truly is dedicated to his wife and family of six children – four boys and two girls- ages between three and fifteen. “I love my family and want to spend as much time as I can with them,” he excitedly says. He wants to buy ATVs for each so the family can enjoy outings together and build a better future for each child. We at PPM Solar wish him and his family the very best.

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